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Sushi makes the World go Round

Sushi makes the World go Round

September 29, 2013


Location: Pingting Japanese Restaurant 坪亭铁板烧日本料理       Haidian District Branch: Line 10 Suzhoujie

 Cost: 198 RMB for Unlimited Sushi, Maki Rolls, Steaks,  Noodles, Desserts, Drinks, and Rice plates (higher places include more sushi

20-40 RMB for an entree of noodles and rice                choices)

The best food is without a doubt the miraculous and most beautiful creation of Sushi. My Chinese friend, Brook, and I headed to the branch  in Haidian District.

 Haidian District is extremely busy all the time because it is a huge college district. There are fantastic restaurants, giant shopping malls, and a really live night life. Definitely a must visit if you are in Beijing. We first headed there at 2:00pm, right after the Photo Studio, but sadly, they and all other surrounding Japanese Restaurants were closed by 2:00 pm and were to reopen at 5:00 pm. I was desperate for sushi, mainly due to the fact that I had had it set in my head for a week that I was going to go. After Brook had told me about the Japanese Architecture within and a meal of unlimited happiness aka sushi.

First thing we ordered was Seafood soup which was served in a cute little teapot with a small bowl next to it. It tasted a lot like Miso Soup (soybean paste soup). We ordered what the top picture displays, a delicious sashimi plate of different kinds of fish. I did

NOT touch the octopus though…just couldn’t bring myself to consume a tentacle-covered, cold, purple and white, squishy piece of octopus… Brook didn’t eat it either. The rolls were fantastic as well, filled with an assortment of fish. The only roll I would NOT recommend ordering is the Mexican Roll. The sauce on there was a weak attempt at a Mexican taco sauce and was a horrible combination with fish (awful). The rest of the rolls though were DELICIOUS. I also had the most amazing tea I have EVER had. Honey Citrus Tea. It was so good that I went out and bought some today. I bought a giant jar actually and have been drinking it non-stop today. (Fun-fact, it’s actually Korean). We also ordered these fancy-shmancy eggs that were soft boiled and filled with fois-gras and crab roe (crab eggs). We kept ordering till we were stuffed, and to top off the fantastic meal was a delicious bowl of strawberry ice-cream surrounded by red beans.

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