Show us your CHIC – 10/24

We went around Loyola and found some CHIC women who express their personality in their style! Listen to what they had to say about their style.



Sofia Davila, a Junior at Loyola :

I guess whatever I’m feeling, as lame as this sound my style is very similar to the clothing style at Ambercrombie and Fitch. Since I work there I get a great discount! I would say it’s just to sum up my style it’s minimalists, preppy, and All-American style, and I love it!”



Ashleigh Moait, a Sophomore at Loyola:

“I dress in whatever I feel comfortable in. I love to feel that my clothes are a fun part of who I am because it makes me feel comfortable with who I am.”


Brenda Rivas:

“I like to wear heels, it’s something that describes attention. Heels are something that makes me feel tall and empowered. I’m standing up to the world, and no one can get in my way.”

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