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Do you want new clothes but don’t have the spare cash? With a new trend popping up every week, trying to keep up can put a dent in your savings. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s a way to get those new looks while staying on budget: thrift stores. These magical places hold all the basics your wardrobe needs at half the cost of the big chain stores. So, here’s a list of the top items that you are sure to find at your local thrift shop:



Any avid thrifter knows that the perfect pair of jeans is waiting for you–you just have to do a little searching. Thrift stores always have a huge supply of denim in stock, so you are sure to find a color and style that you like somewhere in the mix. I got these from the Goodwill for 4 dollars! (Bonus: look out for dollar jean day at Goodwill stores for an even bigger steal!)

ADDRESS: 819 S. Wabash Ave. # 400, Chicago, IL 60605



There is nothing better than throwing on a big cozy sweater on a chilly fall day. You are sure to find this staple in any thrift store. I picked up this one at the Plato’s Closet downtown.

ADDRESS: 2817 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60614



Add a vintage touch to your wardrobe with this 80’s classic. I scored this one at Green Element for just 10 bucks!

ADDRESS: 6241 N. Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60660



Everyone needs a basic T-shirt. You can dress it up or down depending on where you’re headed that day. You can find plenty of sizes and styles at any thrift store, so you can find one that fits your style easily. I got this one at Green Element for 50 cents!


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