Got Bootie(s)?

Alright, let’s be honest. We know when it comes to fall, booties are where it’s at. They are an integral part of fall fashion, so as we now bid adieu to the bright summer sun and our favorite sundresses, we can welcome in a new season and bring back our feet’s best friend.

Let’s kick it off right with bountiful booties sure to make your fall fashions even more fabulous.

"The bootie is my everyday style"
“The bootie is my everyday style”

Booties are an essential part of any girl’s shoe closet, regardless of her bootie of choice. A good bootie will elevate any outfit you choose to pair it with! (Take it from someone who owns at least 6 pairs.)

"We feel empowered by the bootie"
“We feel empowered by the bootie”

You can rock booties with leggings, jeans, and even dresses! When it comes to booties, the options are endless.

image 2

image 3

Jessica Jreisat says: “My favorite pair is my black bootie with a heel! Whether it’s walking around campus on a cool fall day, or dressing up a bit more when presenting a group project, I can wear them in any situation I find myself in!”It’s never a bad thing to be reminded why booties are an essential part of women’s style!

We’ve got bootie, do you?

Tell us about your favorite ways to rock your booties! Let us know using the hashtag #ShowUsYourCHIC on Instagram or Twitter!

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  1. Great article Andrea! Greeat quality pictures, with just the right amount of text to picture ratio for readers like me to stay tuned in. Can’t wait for more!

  2. We are so glad that you liked the post! We can’t wait to post more things for readers to enjoy! For more check us out on Twitter @LU_CHICagoStyle and Instagram @LU_CHIC!

  3. We are glad you liked the post! For more check us out on Twitter @LU_CHICagoStyle and Instagram @LU_CHIC!

  4. Booties are great! Show us your pair of booties on Twitter @LU_CHICagoStyle and Instagram @LU_CHIC!

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