Don’t Sweat It

Make finding time to work out easier by avoiding an extra trip back to your apartment to change. Check out how these CHIC ladies rock their workout looks and go from class to the gym with ease.


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Bonita McKinley

“It’s an easy transition from class to the gym to work.”

TIP: If your classes or work require you to dress up a little more, you can always bring a bag of spare clothes to change into. This makes it more convenient to manage your time or to switch up your style in the middle of the day.


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Marissa Ciko

“I’m going to class right after this, wearing this. I’m comfortable and proud of my style.”

TIP: Brighten up your style with fun running shoes like Marissa’s. It adds color to the outfit while still keeping it simple.


Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.15.21 PM
Melissa Vazquez

“Active gear is my style. It’s comfortable, cute, and me.”

TIP: Stick with your style! Dress for your needs and likes and it will make things a lot more simple.


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Maggie Gracia

“I’m going from work to class to working out. It’s comfortable, saves time, and it’s my own style.”

TIP: Accessorize your workout gear with a jacket to dress it up a little or cover up as we transition into the bitter Chicago winter that we all know and love.

As always, Loyola ladies prove that they can conquer their busy day in style, all while having time to maintain their healthy lifestyles.

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  1. Would LOVE a follow up post about places to get cheap and affordable but cute athletic clothes~

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  3. I loved the tips! Inspires me to stick to my style while making it work for me throughout the day.

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