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SCPS Launches Two Online Degrees and an Online Certificate

SCPS is pleased to announce the launch of two of our degree-completion programs in an online format. The BA in Management and the BA in Applied Studies are now available in a fully online option, as well as the fully on-campus option. This means that students in these programs can choose to take all of their courses online, all of them on-campus, or any combination of the two. There is no need to choose one program option over the other, and the application, requirements, advising and transcripts are the same regardless of the delivery mode. Students can simply enroll in all, some, or none of the online courses as they work towards their degree.

In conjunction with these two degree programs, the concentration and the Certificate in Organizational Development and Leadership will also be available in an online format starting this Summer, along with the on-campus option. The concentration helps fulfill the requirements for the BA in Management or BA in Applied Studies degrees, while the six-course certificate can be earned independently from the degree program.

All of our online courses provide the same, high quality content and instruction as our on-campus courses, with the added flexibility to fit into even the busiest of schedules. Some courses include live virtual or “synchronous” sessions that are held at specific times, while others are completely “asynchronous,” meaning that there are no required times when students need to be logged in to the course. Many students appreciate the on-going opportunities for participating in the online classroom through discussion boards, blogs, chat rooms, and journals, without interaction being limited to the few hours of face-to-face class time each week. Please see the SCPS website for more information and for the current list of online courses offered, located in the Online section under Academics. Frequently Asked Questions regarding Online Learning can also be found on the SCPS website in the Online section.

If you are interested in teaching or studying online or would like more information about our online courses and programs, feel free to contact me at jwiden@luc.edu. I am here to support faculty and students with online learning, and will be holding workshops for both faculty and students throughout the year.