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School Psychology in Illinois

It is incredible the number Loyola alums featured in this month’s issue of School Psychology in Illinois. The new president, Jim Wilczynski (PhD ’04), and immediate past president, Richard Harley (PhD ’03), and most noteworthy are a couple of pieces at the end. The bilingual/bicultural workgroup has become noteworthy for its community service activities over the past three years. There is a great shot of Lynae Maciel (EdS ’12), Veronica Magana (EdS ’11), and Roz Barragan (EdS ’08) cooking in the kitchen of the Inspiration Café (p20). Meghan Meyer, current EdD student, helped present on gangs in an article near the end. The Loyola student community lives on into early, middle, and even late school psych careers.  Check out the ISPA newsletter.