home_top section

home_top section

This page provides information on how to edit or update the content in the home_top section.

Page Layout: Primary Layout
Content Types allowed in this section: Feature Link

When using a Feature Link content piece on the home_top section, the following fields must be filled in:

  • Name (this is the name of your content piece and does not display anywhere on the homepage)
  • Title (this is the text that displays on the first line of the image overlay)
  • Blurb (this is the text that displays on the second line of the image overlay)
  • One of the following link options must be filled in (make sure to only fill in 1 of the 3 link options):
    • Section Link (use if you want to link the content to another page on your website)
      • Use default link text (leave this box checked)
    • External URL (use if you want to link to another web page outside of those that you can access via T4)
      • must enter the full URL starting with “https://…”
    • Media Link (use if you want to link to a media file that you’ve uploaded to the media library)
      • for example, a PDF file or a Word document
  • Select an Action Link (the selected text will display as a hot link next to your Blurb)
  • Panoramic Image (this is the image that will display on the home_top section of your homepage)
    • Always make sure that “image/*” is selected in the formatter dropdown
    • Image dimensions should be:
      • Width: 1800px
      • Height: 735px
      • Resolution: 72px/in
    • Recommended image formats: .jpg or .png
    • Best Practice: Before uploading your image to the media library, please make sure to name the image file with the following guidelines:
      • all lowercase, no spaces or special characters
      • a dash (-) or underscore (_) may be used to separate multiple words
      • sample filenames: leadimage.jpg, lead_image.jpg, or lead-image.jpg
  • Tab (This is the text that displays on the top left corner of the panoramic image)
  • Publish Date (leave value as is)
  • NOTE: All other fields can be left blank. They will not display on when used in the home_top section

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