FAQ Box – Multiple

FAQ Box – Multiple

Content Type Name: FAQ Box – Multiple
Minimum User Level: Contributor
Direct Edit: Enabled
NOTE: This content type is used with content pieces using the FAQ Item content type.

Elements/Fields in this content type:
Field NameDescriptionField TypeMax Size
(character count including spaces)
NameThe name of the piece of content, used for system purposes only.Plain Text80
Sub-HeadingLarge text that displays above the FAQ listPlain Text1000
Group IDe.g. Title of the news article; this value must match the Group ID of corresponding FAQ ItemPlain Text80
Text Below QuestionsThis is used in the old template. Please leave this blank.HTML99999

The FAQ Box Multiple content piece is immediately followed by an FAQ Item content piece/s. They are grouped together based on the value entered in the “Group ID” element field.

To view a sample page using this content type, click here.


  1. Make sure that the content type = FAQ Box Multiple is enabled on your section.

  2. The values in the “Group ID” field MUST match so that the page renders the content items that belong together. You can use any value for the “Group ID” field. Just make sure that it is all in lower-case and that there are no spaces.

  3. The order of the FAQ items is based on the value you enter in the “Create Date” field. It will display the contents in descending order. For example, if the Content Item piece has a create date of 7/25/19, it will display above another Content Item piece that has a create date of 7/24/19.

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