Web Accessibility and SEO

Web Accessibility and SEO

Below is a list of accessibility and SEO practices that a T4 moderator can affect:

  1. Add Alternative (Alt) Text to the images on your page.
Page LayoutContent TypeContent Type Element/FieldScreenshots for Reference
AllImageAlt TagImage Content Type Screenshot
Page Content OnlyImage Description for the image file in the Media Library Media Library Screenshot 1
Media Library Screenshot 2
Global InteriorGlobal Media Card ItemImage Alt TextScreenshot Global Media Card Item
Feature LinkTitleFeature Link Content Type Screenshot
Feature StoryTitle
Image Description
Feature Story Content Type Screenshot
B3 Story PageFeature LinkTitle (When used with horizontal grid cards)
Blockquote ImageStatic Value is always set to “Blockquote Image Background


  1. Optimize Images (PDF)

  2. Add Section Metadata

  3. Properly Set up Links on your page


Resources & Tools

Below is a list of resources and tools available to T4 moderators to check webpage accessibility and SEO information.

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