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1 September

So I found this journal-type entry in a notebook I was cleaning out for use for the semester (recycling is both good for the environment and the wallet).

It speaks briefly about a part of the readjusting process, as anybody coming back from study abroad will definitely experience.

29 July 2013

So it has been about three weeks since I made the trip back to the Northern Hemisphere of the Americas.

I’m getting less and less surprised every time a stranger addresses me in English rather than Spanish, but I also get a bit [nostalgically] sad when I hear people speaking in Spanish.

It has also been weird getting flashbacks; I don’t get too many because not much about my parent’s suburban New Jersey neighborhood resembles my life in Santiago, but when I went to the shore today (yes, J-shore. If you even think of saying “Come at me bro” or anything of the sort, I will find you and punch you) I suddenly found myself caught up in a memory of visiting Valparaíso and Viña del Mar in Chile.

(Valparaíso is one of the biggest destinations in Chile next to Santiago. It’s also the most gorgeous small city I’ve visited in my life. Here’s a link to what it looks like. Note: that is not an Instagram filter.)

Fun fact: Swimming in the ocean in Chile was the only time I have ever been in the Pacific Ocean!

I also haven’t yet shaken the ‘verbal tics’ I acquired while in Chile, such as

“Ahhhh yah.” (What people will use often in place of things like “Okay” or “gotcha”)

“Siiiiii” (in Facebook conversations; I don’t randomly drop that IRL)


I also must admit that I miss the more relaxed attitude I had become accustomed to in Chile. It’s not a huge difference but it is noticeable; it’s an attitude that really makes you look at your life and your priorities a bit differently.

I also still kiss people on the cheek! Strange when you consider I was uncomfortable even hugging people before I went to Chile.

I’ve always thought that I would notice changes like this when they took their hold on me, but I guess they were things so commonplace to Chile that they weren’t even noticeable. It will be strange going back to Chicago and noticing other things that might have changed within myself.

Changes, people. They happen.



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