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I Have Started Staring at People

I Have Started Staring at People

Hola Todos!!

I am starting to feel very comfortable here in Madrid.  I have developed a routine, I feel safe when on my own in the city, I have met some amazing people, I started volunteering, and I have had whole conversations with Spaniards 🙂 Life is good right now.

I am happy to say that I have Aced my first class here!!! I got a 95% on the Final exam for what would be Spanish 103 at Loyola.  We have moved on to some new material that I am not as familier with so we will see how this next class goes.  I am working hard trying to learn this difficult language!  Learning a language just is not easy folks…

I started volunteering at a bilingual elementary school!  The moms of the kids and the teachers (the PTA) decided that they wanted english speakers to play with the kids in the after school programs so the children’s exposure to english does not stop after school.  I go every Thursday from 4-6 and help with a “circus” after school program, it is basically a theatre class for 3 & 4 year olds!!  It is my most enjoyable experience thus far.  The kids love me 🙂 The circus program is from 4-5 and I help a Karate program from 5-6.  The instructor speaks zero english and I think my only job is to attempt to practice Karate with the kids….I think.  That is what I have been doing for the last 2 weeks.  The instructor just laughs and gives me a thumbs up, a sure sign of a good job right?  I like the Karate class, the kids are older and they speak more english then the babies which is nice.  Volunteering might be the best decision I have made.

Now, they say when you study abroad there is a period of time when you slump in to a depression, you miss home and wonder why you are in a foreign country with strangers.  I can tell a lot of students in the program are reaching this stage, I however, am DETERMINED to fight it.  I will admit when/if I reach that point, but I do not want to spend my time wishing I was anywhere else.  I do miss home and school but I am really enjoying myself here.

My friends that I met here and I are planning a trip to Rome!! I am super excited!  We are going in late March during spring break!! We booked the flights and the hostel (yes hostel) over the weekend!  Hopefully I do not get sick this time, but I bought the flight insurance just in case!

Next week the study abroad program is taking us (well we paid for it) to Andalusia, a region in the south of Spain.  We are going to Granda, Coroba, and Seville for the week!  It should be a lot of fun!  One of my friends from high school is studying in Seville and we are planning on meeting up.

I am having a blast here and I know how blessed I am to have this experience.

Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma & Pops 🙂

Okay so some new things I have noticed:

People do not wash their hands here.  This is not only an observation, my professor said, “it just is not common.”

Futbol is more than a sport.

Spaniards rarely eat with their hands, I mean RARELY.  They only eat with their hands when they eat burgers and sandwiches!  Everything is eaten with a fork and knife, from croissants to french fries, to pizza.

Their diet seems to consist of mostly pork, bread, pork, potatoes, and pork.  My spanish professor says instead of apples, students give teachers pork.

Alright that is all I have for now!! Stay tuned!! 🙂

My Favorite Meal!

Patatas con Huevos y Chorizo! YUM!

Banco de España! One of the most beautiful buildings in the city.


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