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Crunch Time!

Crunch Time!

Hola Todos!!

Well, I have  less then a month left of this wonderful experience.  I am going to miss this place soooooo much. Since I only have a little bit of time left, I am trying to do everything I wanted to do here before I leave!  The weather has really turned around here!  For most of the 3 months, it has been cold and rainy but this past week the temperature has averaged about 70 degrees!!  Everyone in the USAC program has been taking advantage of this amazing weather.  That being said, I have spent a lot of time outside walking around and sitting on the grass in the parks, just enjoying being in Europe with such great weather.   Last Sunday, my friends and I went to a Bull Fight!  I never ever thought I would actually go to a bull fight.  Thought I did get a little queazy, I thought I would cry the whole time or puke or get up and leave, but I didn’t, I sat though the whole ceremony.  I can appreciate the art of Bull fighting, but I do not think I would ever go again, it seemed like animal cruelty.  The atmosphere was awesome and they let one bull go because of its bravery, so it was not all bad.  I would recommend it.  I also went to a Cirque Du Solie Show last week!  I love those shows and it was really cool to see one here.  Tonight, my friends and I, are going to a Futbol game!!  We are going to see Real Madrid play at the stadium here, I am super excited!

I just found out that I got an A- in my most recent spanish class which is awesome!  I am so glad I am having fun and working hard, it makes me feel good.

I am going to Malaga in a couple of weeks for independence day weekend!


Okay so some things that I have noticed:

Spaniards do not really like people from Latin America, they see them as immigrants and they call them bad names.  (I think that is one of the reasons I have gotten mean glares, they think I am Dominican.)

Apparently 80 degrees is not hot enough to wear shorts or a dress cause all of the USAC students got mean glares on the metro for it.

Spaniards are not good at speaking english, it is too hard to pronounce the words so they just do not try.  I am not sure why it took me so long to realize this.   My professor said that  one of the things most spaniards make as their New Years Resolution is:  to speak english-more or at all.

I do not think I ever told you guys this, but I call myself Jordana (Jordan is my middle name)

because I HATE the way spanish speakers say Tyler.


Alright that is all!  Stay tuned 🙂

Tyler Monroe


Great Photo I caught during the Bull Fight! 


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