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The Plan

The Plan

I am freaking out!

As of Friday March 30th, I have 28 days left until I go back to Chicago and only two weeks left into in my internship with The Roman Guy. There is sooooooo much I need to do before I leave.

The Work Plan

By next week I need to have 4,000 followers on The Roman Foodie Instagram  and I’m at 3,857 followers. I never thought it could be this difficult to increase followers. Last week I was only able to get a bit over 20. So how do I accomplish this? Bulk following? Spending hours sifting through profiles for people who might be interested in this company, liking photos, commenting on posts but it is so time consuming. I basically have to do both. I really want to get there, though.

I only have one blog post left to write and it is for the May 2018 Events Posts. Since I’m done in two weeks, my draft has to be done the Monday of my last week just in case there is anything left to do.

Last week, I just finished the April 2018 Events Post that you can find here and Brunch in Rome that will go up next week. Since working on all of these blog posts and with wordpress much more often, I think I’ve gotten so much better at organizing my posts to increase readability and make them a bit more interesting.

The School Plan

In all honesty school is a disaster. I have a B in Italian which isn’t terrible. I have a C in International Monetary Relations, but I’m at a 79% so that is going to be easy to bring up to a B no problem, but I have a D in Finance. At a 61% I have no clue how I’m supposed to bring that up at all. I’m not too sure at all what happened there. Especially because for my last exam, I actually understood what I was doing but when I got to the exam I had no clue what I was being asked to do. Usually, I get all A’s and B’s, but you know what, everyone has a bad semester. I’m not sure what my grade is for my internship class, but I think it’s good. My only worry is finance. Worst case I’ll retake it another semester. What I realized this semester is that when a person hits rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up, so eventually it’ll be A-Okay! There is one homework assignment for finance and it’s an excel spreadsheet to try to boost our grade. Then there’s one more exam. So, at this point all I can do is try my best. I’ve got my internship presentation for next week and two papers as well. 

The Life Plan (Post JFRC)

Beyond school, beyond my internship, what’s the plan? I worked in Marketing while in Rome and I learned so much! My next step is to try sales just to see how it goes. Two of my close friends work at Michael Kors downtown Chicago, so I wanted to try that out. $12.00 plus commission sounds pretty solid for a summer job considering my last summer job was only $11.00 and selling pizza. I’m scheduling my class schedule for next semester April 17th. I think before I head back, I need to take a me weekend. I booked a trip to Santorini, Greece to see a little bit more of the world before I head back to America. Surprisingly round trip tickets right to the island were only 160 euro as opposed to 300-1000 euros which is the range any other weekend besides the one I’m traveling on. I think essentially, the plan is to just play things by ear and do what makes me happy as I go along.


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