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Miranda Johnson, Clinical Professor and Director of the Education Law and Policy Institute, Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Recent Posts

How K-12 Students Can Profit Off of Non-Profits, by Jacob Morales

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. Raising and educating children is not an easy task, especially in “villages” where resources for youth are comparatively scarce. To remedy such shortages, students have looked to … Continue reading

Preschool Doesn’t Improve Test Scores: Why That’s Good, by John Groden

Preschool attendance does not actually improve standardized test scores. This recent finding seems to fly in the face of decades of research, advocacy, and common sense. It also calls into question the billions of dollars that federal, state, and local … Continue reading

Call for Paper Proposals: Developing an Antiracist Research Agenda to Advance Restorative Practices in PreK-12 Schools

University of California College of Law, San Francisco and Loyola University Chicago Schools of Education and Law will be hosting an interdisciplinary convening series entitled “An Antiracist Research Agenda to Advance Restorative Practices in PreK-12 Schools.” We are seeking proposals … Continue reading

Teachers’ Freedom of Expression on Social Media: How free are teachers to speak their mind on their personal social media accounts? – by Rachel Nordhoff

How free are teachers to speak their mind on their personal social media accounts? With the rise of social media, teachers are in the public eye more than ever before. As students’ First Amendment rights have been put under a … Continue reading

The Federal Government’s Role in Ending Exclusionary Discipline by Jessi Dixon

The federal government has an essential role in protecting students of color. School discipline policies and procedures have an adverse impact on the educational outcomes of students. According to a 2018 report from the Center for Promise, harsh school discipline … Continue reading

Protecting White Children: The Moral Panic About Critical Race Theory by Zulay Valencia Diaz

Are innocent white children being made to feel guilty for the sins of people long gone? Worse yet, are students being indoctrinated with anti-American rhetoric by the institutions to which their learning has been entrusted? Many conservatives certainly seem to … Continue reading

Current Enrollment Required? Examining the Scope of Title IX’s Private Right of Action by Maddie Xilas

What affiliation with a university, if any, must complainants and/or respondents possess to ensure that plaintiffs have standing to hold universities accountable for deliberate indifference under Title IX? This threshold inquiry, one that is critically important to resolving preliminary questions … Continue reading

The Mahanoy Decision and a Lost Opportunity for a Clear Ruling on Cyberbullying by Isabella Winkler

Any former high school student remembers the drama of varsity athletics, whether you were an athlete or not. Filling the limited spots on the varsity team meant feelings were hurt, hearts broken, and dreams crushed. Brandi Levy, the underage plaintiff … Continue reading

Don’t Say Gay Bills are Disastrous for Teachers & Students by Aaron Dean

Elementary school student Kellan’s family looks a little different from the average family living in Sarasota, Florida and he’s used to fielding invasive questions from his classmates. Kellan has two dads, a concept that can be puzzling for the curious … Continue reading

Critical Race Theory and Higher Education’s Newest Battle Over Tenure and Academic Freedom by Elizabeth Becker

Since January of 2021, state legislatures have proposed over 100 bills limiting teaching in classrooms. These topics include race, American history, gender identity, sexual orientation, politics, and Critical Race Theory (understanding the social constructs of race and the systemic barriers … Continue reading

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