Amanda Meyer

No “Moore” Realization Events?

In June 2024, the Supreme Court will decide on a case that may completely upend one third of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Moore v. United States calls into question whether the 16th Amendment authorizes Congress to tax unrealized gains without apportionment among the states.

Microsoft is “Leveling Up”: Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision

On January 18, 2022, Microsoft announced that it will be acquiring Activision Blizzard, one of the world’s largest gaming corporations. This will be Microsoft’s biggest acquisition in the company’s history. The acquisition is an all-cash purchase, with Microsoft paying $95 per Activision share, totaling to around $68.7 billion dollars. Microsoft and Activision had an original signing date to complete the merger agreement on July 18, 2023, but the companies pushed the date back to October 18 amid regulatory pushback. Although the merger is exciting news for many companies and individuals, other are less than enthused about the new development.

New York Non-Competes: Competing to Stay Alive

There is an ever-growing wave of states banning non-compete agreements (“non-competes”), and New York is likely to join this trend. The New York Legislature just passed one of the broadest non-compete bans in the history of the United States in early June this year, and Governor Kathy Hochul is likely to sign this ban into effect. This broad non-compete ban comes in the form of two bills, both passed by the New York Senate. One bill would ban post-employment non-competes, and the other would prohibit employers from having employees enter into a non-compete, absent a “good faith basis”. If signed by Governor Hochul, these bills will become effective 30 days after signing. These bills will be prospective, meaning they will not invalidate preexisting non-competes signed on or before July 1st, 2023.