Loyola school based health center, a unified effort

School-based Health Center: Loyola University Chicago-School of Nursing and Proviso High School

Video from the Illinois Terrorism Task Force: Mental Health & School Violence 0:00 – 4:26 min.

Dr. Diana Hackbarth ITIE Ambassador, describes the preventive, holistic work of the school health center, unifying services for the well-being of the students and the school community. Thanks to the support from the Illinois Department of Public Health and federal funding from the HRSA, they have been able to expand the services to assess nutritional, education as well as behavioral health needs.

Adriane Van Zwoll MJ LCSW, current PhD student from our School of Social Work shares the meaningful impact of the school health center, and the importance of the convenient location that allows them to make visits when they need it the most without having to leave their own school.

Loyola Student at the School Based Health Center
Adriane Van Zwoll-
Loyola SSW PhD Student. Research interests: juvenile justice; complex trauma; school-based mental health; child welfare; classroom mental health education; and community-based mental health education.

This is an amazing example of the combined efforts from Provisto East High School’s previous and current administrators and Loyola professionals to provide preventive services for potential mental health crises.

Loyola Student at the School Based Health Center