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Congratulations, Loyola Graduate Students!

The Graduate School Quarterly recently acknowledged these successes by the graduate students and alumni of Loyola’s Department of Philosophy:

Graduate School Research Symposium (April 12, 2014), Best Paper in Interdisciplinary Methods Paper Session:
-Asaf Bar-Tura: Is the Internet bad for Social Justice and Democracy?

Summer Research Mentoring Program Fellowship (Summer 2014)
-Michael Gutierrez

-Corbin Casarez. Vulnerability, Addiction, and Recovery. The University of Virginia Press. November 2014.
-Matthew Kelsey. Kant’s Diagnosis of Unity of Skepticism. Philosophers’ Imprint. May 2014.

-Albert Bertozzi. One year full-time position at Loyola University, Chicago.
-Mark Bourgeois. Three-year post-doc. Reilly Center for Science and Technology and Values at Notre Dame University. Notre Dame, IN. August 2014.
-Christina Drogalis. Academic Year Lecturer. Santa Clara University. Santa Clara, CA. August 2014.
-Bryan Kibbe. 2-year postdoctoral fellow in advanced bioethics. Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland, Ohio. August 2014.
-Maria Kulp. Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Notre Dame University of Maryland. Baltimore, MD. August 2014.
-Maggie Labinski. Assistant Professor. Fairfield University. Fairfield, CT. August 2014.
-Leila Shooshani. Director of Audience Development and Operations.  Tikkun. Berkeley, CA. June 2014.
-Kyle Thomsen. Assistant Professor. St. Francis University. Loretto, PA. August 2014.

Conference Presentations
-Mike Gutierrez. A Phenomenology of Weather Forecasting. EPTC (Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture). Brock University (Canada). May 2014.

Upcoming PRG Event

The Phenomenology Research Group (PRG) will be hosting its next research seminar on Friday, September 26.

Join us as Janna van Grunsven, from The New School, presents her work on “The Moral Perception of Autonomous Agents–An Enactive Contribution to Moral Psychology.”

Time and Location TBA.

Edit: This seminar will take place at 1:00 p.m. in Cuneo 111.