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About Our Blog

This blog is maintained by the AGSP webmaster and several other graduate and undergraduate student volunteers.

About Our Department

Loyola’s Philosophy faculty is among the largest and most diversified philosophy faculties in the United States. Our students have a wide variety of courses and programs to choose from, with the opportunity to pursue their interests in depth as well as the means to prepare themselves for their future careers.

Visit our website for more information about our department.

About AGSP

AGSP is a formal, university-funded association run by graduate students in the philosophy department at Loyola University Chicago. Each year, we elect a board, which takes on the responsibility of making our voices heard in the department, the graduate school, and occasionally the university at large. We also organize conferences and colloquia and promote social activities. In addition to these roles, we do what we can to promote the interests of our members. We take care of the illustrious Graduate Student Lounge in the department, and we maintain a small library in the Lounge (complete with a small collection of journals). We also do what we can to provide graduate students travel stipends for conferences in which they are participating.

2019-20 Officers

President: Jay Carlson
Vice President: Abram Capone
Treasurer: Alec Stubbs
Colloquium Rep: Kevin Mager
Secretary: Joshua Hinchie
GSAC Rep: Claire Lockard