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Viva Medellin, Viva Colombia

Medellin, Colombia: quick, what comes to mind? Drugs, violence, Pablo Escobar — all the above? These themes and names unfortunately are still frequently associated with Medellin. To see if grisly recollections of this city coincide with current realities, a colleague from Bogotá, Dr. Andrés Barrios, and I conducted a rapid market appraisal. We spent the […]

Students Leading Extraordinary Lives in Emerging Markets

Preparing students to lead extraordinary lives is something we do exceptionally well at Loyola University Chicago and the Quinlan School of Business. Among the many things I find so refreshing about the Quinlan School is the number of students who enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to immerse, engage, learn, discern and transform in emerging markets, and […]

Lessons from Berlin, 25 Years after the Wall

The thought of Berlin as an emerging market might be a stretch for some readers. The city after all serves as the capital for one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Its vibrant culture, sophistication, and plethora of marketing activities and consumer goods and services attract all comers, far and wide. But even the most inattentive […]

Golden Arches: Trademark, Talisman or Truncheon?

“Grab the Golden Arches and storm the blockade!” If you were in Bangkok recently you might have heard some agitated protester shout that. Well, you might have heard it in Thai, and you wouldn’t have understood, but still, someone might have said it. Who would have thought the Golden Arches, iconic symbol of McDonald’s, would […]

Emerging Markets, the Quinlan School, its IMBA, Jesuit Education and You

The title of this blog is rather ungainly. If you’re busy, bored or can’t wait for the punch line, just note that emerging markets remain very promising; related to this promise, the IMBA program is unique, literally has a world of potential, perhaps only could be orchestrated well by the Quinlan School of Business, its […]

Emerging Markets: Indicators or People?

A quick scan of the front page of The Wall Street Journal this morning revealed this headline: “Wary Investors Flee Emerging Currencies.” It captured a growing sentiment that emerging markets are not so promising, as once thought: they are too risky; investments should be made elsewhere. Well, they are risky, and they will not […]

MSR21 and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

A few weeks ago I was invited to Washington and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to participate in a roll-out for a new think tank, Marine Silk Road 21st Century, or MSR21. MSR21 is an advisory group dedicated to understanding the Indian Ocean basin, including the commercial, environmental, political, cultural and military activities in […]

Iranian Thaw, American GRIT

My, how things change: a new president with fresh ideas, a global media blitz, and a captivating visit to the UN. I’m referring to Iran’s new President, Hasan Rouhani, by the way, not President Obama, although the latter may seize the moment. Mr. Rouhani is the face of what appears to be a new policy […]

Welcome (back) to Sarajevo

Can a city in Europe be considered an emerging market? It can when it still suffers from a brutal civil war that ended less than 20 years ago. Sarajevo was at the heart of that war and still struggles to emerge from it. This quick blog-entry comes between some field research and a lecture. I’ve […]

China and the Unicorns

Surfing the web, I recently found a cartoon depicting two shore-bound, forlorn unicorns watching an ark drift out to sea. For whatever reason, they missed the boat. Some trends left me wondering if that whimsical cartoon could possibly serve as a parable for the fates of many players in emerging markets. For example, a recent […]

About this blog

Some of the most compelling events on the planet are unfolding at breathtaking speed in emerging markets, home to more than 4 billion consumers. This blog is a forum to discuss business, policy, and social developments in them, with hopes for better understanding—and responsible and equitable development—of emerging markets, the world over.