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Chicago to Kabul: Marketing Well-Being in Afghanistan

Traffic in Afghanistan is generally outbound these days, as the US continues to extract itself from an unwinnable war in a troubled country. The exodus is not surprising. After almost 20 years of military engagement, more than 200,000 deaths, nearly 3 million people displaced and more than $2 trillion of financial costs, armed conflict continues […]

Spring Break – in Iraq

What inspires a professor in Chicago to travel to Iraq, over Spring Break? Opportunities to begin a compelling field study, to help distant colleagues and students, and to work with key players responsible for the recovery and sustainable well-being of a country and its people. An invitation and logistical support were also factors that moved […]

The Syrian Refugee Crisis – A View from Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley

The Bekaa Valley is “home” to more than 350,000 Syrian refugees, a sizable proportion of the nearly two million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Some of these war-victims have been displaced for more than seven years. I recently returned to Bekaa to work with various people and organizations in the refugee communities. This field research was/is […]

Marketing an End to War

The premise of marketing an end to war may seem absurd, but what if we were to revisit the very purpose of markets and marketing. Could governments, companies, markets, marketing and consumer-citizens be managed or motivated in ways to eliminate and to prevent wars, and to sustain peace and prosperity? Considerable evidence suggests the answer […]

Peace Train to Bagan, Belfast, Bogota, Beirut, Bekaa Valley and Back

Reflections on 2016 inspired me to share a few comments on projects in countries where peace is gaining a foothold, if somewhat tenuously. A driver in these initiatives is a firm belief that constructive engagement resulting in multi-win outcomes, social justice and enhanced quality-of-life is integral to sustainable peace, prosperity, dignity and decency for all […]

Vietnam, 25 Years On

May, 2016, marked the 25th year since my first visit to Vietnam, when/where I was invited to speak on the “radical” concepts of markets and marketing, which were integral to Doi Moi (renovation) and are fundamental to Vietnam’s future socioeconomic well-being. A good portion of my career has been dedicated to scholarly assessment of Vietnam’s […]

Myanmar’s Turn

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is delicately and deliberately making a turn. A few of them, actually, as hinted by the double entendre of this entry’s title. These “turns” include political reforms, not the least of which are free and fair elections that again have resulted in a victory for Aung San Suu Kyi – aka, “The […]

The World Bank and Social Justice

Justice. Despite the World Bank’s remarkable achievements over the span of seven decades, justice is not a word everybody associates with “The Bank.” That however may change, following recent events. Last week, lawyers, scholars, economists, politicians, judges, financiers and analysts from around the world were invited to Washington, to participate in The Bank’s Law, Justice […]

Viva Medellin, Viva Colombia

Medellin, Colombia: quick, what comes to mind? Drugs, violence, Pablo Escobar — all the above? These themes and names unfortunately are still frequently associated with Medellin. To see if grisly recollections of this city coincide with current realities, a colleague from Bogotá, Dr. Andrés Barrios, and I conducted a rapid market appraisal. We spent the […]

Students Leading Extraordinary Lives in Emerging Markets

Preparing students to lead extraordinary lives is something we do exceptionally well at Loyola University Chicago and the Quinlan School of Business. Among the many things I find so refreshing about the Quinlan School is the number of students who enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to immerse, engage, learn, discern and transform in emerging markets, and […]

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Some of the most compelling events on the planet are unfolding at breathtaking speed in emerging markets, home to more than 4 billion consumers. This blog is a forum to discuss business, policy, and social developments in them, with hopes for better understanding—and responsible and equitable development—of emerging markets, the world over.