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Quinlan Ramble – Final Reflection

Christina Villarreal ’19
Supply Chain Management and Information Systems

In retrospect, I reflect on the positive experiences I had as a student, professional, and a tourist with peers, professionals and the city. As a student double majoring in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems, it was an eye-opening experience to see how the material we learn in […]

Quinlan Ramble – Final Reflection

Rotluangpuii Ralte, ’18
Marketing & Finance

Saying goodbye to Seattle… and leaving with a fresh mind and new relationships.

The Quinlan Ramble to Seattle has finally come to an end, and I definitely got more out of it than I had ever hoped for. It was sincerely a transformative and enriching experience. I was able to build connections […]

Quinlan Ramble – Final Reflection

Reginald Bailey ’19
Economics/Information Systems

The Quinlan Ramble was an eye-opening experience for me not just as a Quinlan student, but as a student of Loyola as a whole. I was able to make 16 new friends in the matter of hours and that connection will last beyond the Ramble and our undergraduate careers. I am incredibly […]

Quinlan Ramble – Final Reflection

Benjamin Bissell ’18
Marketing\Advertising and Public Relations

As I look back and reflect on my time in Seattle on the Quinlan Ramble, I feel a mix of emotions that I have a hard time putting into words. When I applied for this program, I thought I was going to be on a trip that consisted of long […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection – Day 7

Daryn Robinson ’18

As I look out my Hyatt Place Hotel window to the peaceful waters of Puget Sound, I think about how water connects human beings geographically throughout the world, and how nutrients and resources from the ocean fuel our lives. It made me think about our company visit to Global Seas LLC today, which […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection – Day 7

Reginald Bailey ‘19
Economics, Information Systems

Today was the final full day of the Quinlan Ramble. We concluded by visiting Global Seas and West Monroe Partners in Seattle. Followed by dinner at Cuoco, an Italian restaurant and a group reflection of the overall business trip.

Global Seas was a change of pace because it has much more of […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection – Day 6

Lola Montero Santos
US/Europe Double Degree Program

The United States of America is a wide and extensive country where one can find many different types of people and companies. Seattle is one of its fastest growing cities, as the numerous colorful cranes that populate the city remind one during the nighttime.

Within Seattle, one of Costco´s many warehouses […]

Quinlan Ramble to Seattle – Day 6

Justin Barry ’21

Today, my fellow Ramblers and I took our adventure to the Costco Wholesale Headquarters. Costco, which is an American multinational corporation that operates a chain of membership-only sales warehouses, has an ethical mission similar to that of the Jesuits with an immense ethical basis, focusing on being good people and staying true to […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection – Day 5

Josefa Abundes ’18

Today was the third day that the Loyola group went on a site visit. During our time we visited the companies Starbucks and Brooks Sports. Although our schedule was busy, the day seamlessly flew by. The morning excitement began right after taking advantage of the complimentary hotel breakfast as we prepared for an […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection – Day 5

Sean Ryan ‘21
Economics, Chinese Language and Culture Minor

On the third day of our site visits, fellow Ramblers and I ventured to Starbucks Headquarters and Brooks Sports — with various, tasty pit stops along the way. Sharon Schwartz and Susan (Sue) Fox led the tour of Starbucks’ coast-side campus. Prioritizing collaboration and inclusion, the “support system” described […]

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Launched in 2014, the Quinlan School of Business offers an alternative spring break trip to another US city for our undergraduate students . Students have the opportunity to connect with Quinlan alumni, get an inside look at corporate titans, and see what it's like to be part of the business community outside of the Chicagoland area.