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Trash, a long lasting problem

Five years ago I wrote a commentary in the Journal of Macromarketing about two sides of the same coin. We consume lot of stuff, tons of stuff, and it either gets recycled (side one) or it gets trashed (side two). I would attach my commentary to this note if I could figure out how; I […]

My Very Last Summer Book Bag

My Very Last Summer Book Bag

approximately thirty-five years in this blog, as well as on WBEZ, WTTW, and
WGN, I have, every summer and at Christmas, been in the habit of putting
together a list of my most recently read, favorite books. Why? Because book are
my window to the world. And the various views of the world that I have acquired
in my […]

On Being a Generalist

On Being a Generalist

LUC Library

In 1968, when Raymond C. Baumhart, S.J., published his ground-breaking text, An Honest Profit: What Businessmen Say About Ethics in Business, his intentions were quite modest. His attempt was to survey what business persons thought about, believed in, and actually did in regard to ethics in their […]

The Examined Life

I’ve been a student of philosophy all of my life. I fell in love with the discipline the very moment I read the Socratic adage, “An unexamined life is not worth living!” What Socrates meant is that for life to be authentic, to be lived well, and to be one of integrity and honesty, it […]

Quinlan Ramble to Boston – Time Flies

Quinlan Ramble to Boston – Time Flies

Grace Sperr ’19 (December)
Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

I have been back on campus for one day, and I already feel like the Ramble trip was weeks ago. It went by too fast, as all good trips do. As I tell my family and friends about the week, describing the city, the companies, and the […]

Quinlan Ramble to Boston – Open Doors

Vivian Perez ’19

Two days ago, I was just arriving in Chicago from a whole week of being in Boston. While I may be feeling the sleepiness from long days and even longer nights of hanging out with my peers, one thing that has remained the same is my smile from such a great time together. […]

Spring Break – in Iraq

What inspires a professor in Chicago to travel to Iraq, over Spring Break? Opportunities to begin a compelling field study, to help distant colleagues and students, and to work with key players responsible for the recovery and sustainable well-being of a country and its people. An invitation and logistical support were also factors that moved […]

Quinlan Ramble – Boston Visits, Day 5

Nick Harazim ’20

As we filled the lobby of the Revere, there were feelings of excitement for the day ahead as well as feelings of sadness knowing that this would be our last day visiting companies. After finishing our briefing about the day ahead and hearing about the company’s facts that we were going to visit, […]

Quinlan Ramble – Boston Visits, Day 5

Arielle McKeever ’22

Today was our last day of site visits. We spent the morning visiting KPMG, one of the Big Four auditors. We enjoyed a small breakfast as we listened to one of the accountants describe his experience working for the company. We then got a presentation of KPMG’s mission and some of their opportunities […]

Quinlan Ramble – Boston Visits, Day 5

Quinlan Ramble – Boston Visits, Day 5

Mashal Hassan ’21

On Friday, March 8th our itinerary was set up to see KPMG in the morning, grab lunch from Chipotle and visit Jobs for the Future in the afternoon. We started our day at 9:30am with all the Ramblers eager to share their research and embark on their last day of adventures in Boston.

I […]