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Women and Risk Management: Causes and effects of slavery, human trafficking, and forced labor

Emily Erdman, now a senior student at Quinlan School of Business joins our blog as a guest author. Her blog has focused on gender discrimination and its effect on Enterprise Risk Management. This is her last post on this subject. Please join us with your comments.

Twenty-one million. That is the number of people who, as of […]

Final Destination: My Dream Career

Final Destination: My Dream Career

Need a recipe for success? Career Readiness benchmarks may vary from university to university, but the qualities and skills that students need to hone in order to be ready to enroll into competitive programs and projects, sustain their performance, excel, and land their meaningful and purposeful career are very similar. While robust published tools and […]

Inventory Optimization

Inventory isn’t the sexist topic in supply chain, yet more than often one of the most common issues for companies especially in managing it specifically in optimization. Inventory optimization according to Sean P. Willems, Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management at Boston University is a journey in which most companies move through three efficient […]

Corporate Social Responsibility

Gini in a Bottle

Al Gini

“Corporate Social Responsibility”


A few months ago Starbucks, with the best of intentions, wanted to demonstrate that they are a corporation that cares. They started a campaign which attempted to engage their employee’s and costumers in an impromptu discussion of race and other related […]

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd worldwide (just yesterday). Campaigns are held in cities all over the world encouraging citizens to plant a tree, use public transit and help beautify the city through restoration of the cities

While this one day is dedicated to bringing awareness to the importance of conservation of our […]

Washington Redskins New Stadium

Soon to be Loyola grad, Stephanie Zblewski, reports on the Washington Redskins:

Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins, announced the organization is planning for a new stadium. The facility location has not yet been decided, but potential sites include Washington D.C. or Virginia. Snyder has already begun discussion with architecture firms.

The Redskins currently play […]

NFL Draft in Chicago

Matheus Ale takes a look at the upcoming NFL draft:

As the NFL draft approaches, so does the madness behind its mock drafts. Whether it is Todd McShay, Mel Kipper Jr. or Adam Franz, none of them will ever stop guessing which player each team will take come May. The truth behind it all is that […]

Morning at Javeriana and afternoon at Finca: Las Margaritas

KATE: My days of my attempted eloquence are over. There is too much to say now, and too little time spent quietly; we are so excited for our last hours in Bogota that even when we have a little time we fill it with something additional.

Yesterday, we were generously hosted by the Jesuit University, Javeriana. […]

CUBS: New Major League Debut Kris Bryant

Kristin Sax is avid Cubs fan and shares her thoughts on Bryant’s debut:

After an amazing beginning at Wrigley Field against the two rivals the Cardinals and the Rockies, the Cubs are off to a great start. They may have had some setbacks with the bathrooms but they have a great system going now. They are […]

China: Soccer’s new hot destination

An interesting and timely analysis of the growth of soccer overseas by Isabella Togni:

Most Brazilian players dreams are to make it to the top European football clubs. But lately these players are moving to a different sporting nation, China.

Even though the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, and the Bundesliga in Germany have dominated the […]