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Teaching Controversial Issues

We recently had a curriculum meeting at which two issues came up that I thought I’d share with whoever reads this blog. One had to do with handling sensitive or controversial issues in our classes. The other had to do with a sustainability topic. They are related so I will treat them both. My treatment […]

Recognizing the Advantages in Your Family Business

Recognizing the Advantages in Your Family Business

Today’s media focuses too often on negative stories of family business: the feuds, the rivalries, the breakdowns, and the drama. This is the side of family business that, more often than not, is fed to society. There’s no denying that family businesses have their challenges. They do. But family businesses also come with a number […]

Zara’s Fast-Fashion and Even Faster Supply Chain

Zara’s Fast-Fashion and Even Faster Supply Chain

Everyone knows Zara as the Spanish owned retail legend that has been leading fast-fashion with its chic, street-fashion, but more impressive is his supply chain management.  

Fashion is already a difficult industry to operate in. It is unpredictable and uncertain. Rapidly the push from fashion companies driving their own […]

Christmas Book Bag

Christmas Book Bag

Al Gini

Resident Philosopher

Loyola University Chicago

Christmas- A time for family and friends.
Also, a time of Anxiety and Perplexity!
Gifts! What to give those you love?
There is no one right gift or answer to this problem.
But for me, I’ve decided to give to others things that I love […]

Deutsche Bahn Sues Airlines Over Cargo Cartels, Supplier Relationship Nightmare

A case that has been almost 7 years in the making, Deutsche Bahn is finally suing air freight companies for colluding to inflate air freight fees. The German rail company has filed two lawsuits totaling in approximately $3 billion against 13 airlines including Air France-KLM SA, British Airways, Australia’s Qantas Airways Ltd., Deutsche Lufthansa AG, […]

The most important thing I learned while abroad…

I was so fortunate to be one of the few that could say I’ve lived abroad. I thank everyone for such a great opportunity and learning experience. I have learned so much more about myself, others and the world, and I wanted to conclude my blog with some of the biggest lessons I have learned. […]

Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Passe

Retail analysts have labeled shopping revenues on this past Black Friday and Cyber Monday “disappointing.” The number of shoppers over the four-day long Thanksgiving weekend decreased by more than 5% in comparison with 2013.  In addition, the National Retail Federation (NRF) reported that revenues were down 11%.  The NRF blamed “early holiday promotions” as a […]

Building Emotional Intelligence

Building Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence- EQ- the indicator of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. The importance of emotional intelligence is often underestimated, but it shouldn’t be. Emotional intelligence is a critical component of interpersonal and professional effectiveness. Knowing how to leverage emotional intelligence can help utilize creativity and create a broadened perspective to increase effectiveness in […]

Amazon’s Use of Robots in Supply Chain, Not Far from the Larger Trend

With the busy holiday season quickly approaching, Amazon, Inc. is preparing itself by stocking its facilities with orange robots. Coined “pickers,” these machines will now assist Amazon workers by bringing them stocked shelving units in the 1.2 million-square-foot facility warehouse.

Due to the volume of Amazon warehouses, estimated about 20 […]

Gender Inequality in Education, How Economies Suffer

Emily Erdman, a junior student at Quinlan School of Business joins our blog as a guest author. Her blog will focus on gender discrimination and its effect on Enterprise Risk Management. Please join us with your comments.

The famous Francis Bacon is attributed for the saying,  “Knowledge is power.” Many have used this quote […]