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Drucker On Leadership

Drucker On Leadership

Peter F. Drucker has been hailed as a guru and a sage. According to best-selling management author Jim Collins, “there are two ways to change the world: with the pen (the use of ideas) and with the sword (the use of power). Drucker chose the pen.” In a career that spanned nearly 70 years, Drucker […]

Believe in Something!

This simple imperative has sparked controversy and perhaps even further polarization within our culture. The genesis of the conversation revolves around a recent Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. The ad slogan in its entirety is “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” During his career in the NFL Kaepernick knelt during the national […]

Tips for a Happy New School Year!

September on the academic calendar gives us all a fresh start. As the pace quickens with the opening of school, we greet new and old friends, new courses and professors, new ideas and textbooks and have an opportunity to make New Academic Year Resolutions.

An interesting article in Forbes (Forbes Article ) outlined predicted trends in […]

Labor Day

Labor Day


It can be argued that notwithstanding the 4th of July and Thanksgiving – that Labor Day is the one true American holiday. Oh yes, on July 4th we celebrate our freedom and on Thanksgiving, a celebration of our pioneer survival in the New World. But Labor Day is the celebration of generations and generations of […]

The Syrian Refugee Crisis – A View from Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley

The Bekaa Valley is “home” to more than 350,000 Syrian refugees, a sizable proportion of the nearly two million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Some of these war-victims have been displaced for more than seven years. I recently returned to Bekaa to work with various people and organizations in the refugee communities. This field research was/is […]

From Croatia’s World Cup run to the marketing classroom

While the Croatian national team lost to France in the World Cup 2018 final, Croatians enthusiastically welcomed the team home to Zagreb.

Below, Guest Blogger and Clinical Professor of Marketing Katherine Sredl, PhD, who is of Croatian heritage, draws a connection between Croatia’s support for its team and what fuels her research.

Indescribable (Neopisivo). That’s the title […]

The FIFA World Cup, Marketing Tsunami

The following is a Guest Blog from Quinlan’s Charles H. Kellstadt Chair of Marketing, Professor Clifford J. Shultz. Adding to the timeliness of the opening of the games is today’s announcement that North America (Canada, the U.S. and Mexico) will host the 2026 Games.

The FIFA World Cup is arguably the biggest spectacle on the planet: […]

Quinlan Ahead of the Curve on Bias Discussion

If you were in search of an afternoon caffeine jolt on Tuesday, May 29, you noticed that Starbucks was closed. Over 8,000 Starbucks closed that day to conduct diversity training focused on racial bias. This followed a much-publicized incident in Philadelphia in which two African American men were arrested while waiting for a third before […]

Notes from an FBSI Grad: Ben Juday

Notes from an FBSI Grad: Ben Juday

Why did you enroll in FBSI? 

I enrolled in FBSI to increase my level of understanding of the complex world of family business governance.  My family was going thru a leadership transition at the time and I needed to increase my understanding of best practices so I could be a high level contributor.

What module was most […]

Gini in a Bottle: 2018 Summer Book Bag

Gini in a Bottle: 2018 Summer Book Bag

Summer is almost upon us! That means a change in the seasons, vacation plans, and compiling a list of books to read on the beach, on a plane or just in the backyard. Every summer I offer a few of my favorites for your perusal and consideration. If you don’t like this summer selections check […]