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Recruiting Talent for the Manufacturing Industry

From the perspective of a recent graduate, the job search can be excruciatingly painful. Between reading through numerous job descriptions, finding one that fits your needs, your wants, and most importantly, one that you can contribute to is almost like blind dating.

I can imagine that this is equally frustrating to employers looking to recruit […]

Summer Book Bag

Summer Book Bag
Al Gini
Loyola University Chicago

• Summer Time: And The Living is Easy, or so they say!
• It’s Vacation Time, Down Time
• Books for the Road, for the Plane
• Books for front porch, or the backyard.

• Philip Kerr
The Lady from Zagreb: A Bernie Gunther Novel

What a concept, a German policeman and private detective […]

Summer Jobs

Summer Jobs

Al Gini

Quinlan School of Business

 I.  In days of old when dragons still roamed the earth-summer jobs for both college/H.S students were important at three levels.

Decent money (Relatively Speaking)
Life maturity
Work experience


II.  For my generation summer jobs were to develop a “work ethic” as much as for the […]

A recent conversation with colleagues

I was recently talking with colleagues, professors in the Quinlan School of Business. A conversation developed between two of them. I’ll just call them Professor A and Professor B.

Professor A was telling us about how some faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, and in particular, faculty having to do with ecology or environmental […]

Today’s Global Supply Chain

Today’s Global Supply Chain


The above infographic exposes not only the obvious as to why developed countries live in more luxurious conditions, but why poorer countries continue to live more impoverished. Evidently supply chain and business abilities to export goods efficiently effect countries livelihood and standard of living. Click on the infographic for more!

-Riti Patel, Assistant, Supply and […]

Risky Business: Protecting Your Family Business from a Cyber-Attack

This blog post is inspired by a FBN-NA webinar, Cyber Threats: Could Your Family Be Hacked? The speaker of the webinar, Edouard Thijssen, highlighted important things you should know about cyber security, and we figured we’d share them with you. 

A cyber-attack is an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer, computer system or electronic communications network. Identity […]

Women and Risk Management: Causes and effects of slavery, human trafficking, and forced labor

Emily Erdman, now a senior student at Quinlan School of Business joins our blog as a guest author. Her blog has focused on gender discrimination and its effect on Enterprise Risk Management. This is her last post on this subject. Please join us with your comments.

Twenty-one million. That is the number of people who, as of […]

Final Destination: My Dream Career

Final Destination: My Dream Career

Need a recipe for success? Career Readiness benchmarks may vary from university to university, but the qualities and skills that students need to hone in order to be ready to enroll into competitive programs and projects, sustain their performance, excel, and land their meaningful and purposeful career are very similar. While robust published tools and […]

Inventory Optimization

Inventory isn’t the sexist topic in supply chain, yet more than often one of the most common issues for companies especially in managing it specifically in optimization. Inventory optimization according to Sean P. Willems, Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management at Boston University is a journey in which most companies move through three efficient […]

Corporate Social Responsibility

Gini in a Bottle

Al Gini

“Corporate Social Responsibility”


A few months ago Starbucks, with the best of intentions, wanted to demonstrate that they are a corporation that cares. They started a campaign which attempted to engage their employee’s and costumers in an impromptu discussion of race and other related […]