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A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races

This year’s FBC Member Social was an afternoon filled with family fun, memories, and anticipation as bets were placed and the horses raced for the winning title at Arlington International Racetrack. As the races began, our families relaxed and enjoyed a delicious lunch and refreshing cocktails in a private Marquee tent. It was a great [...]

How would you teach marketing?

Arthur C. Brooks is the president of the American Enterprise Institute and a contributing opinion writer at the New York Times. On July 20th (yes, this year) he wrote an Op-Ed in the NYT. You can read it here.

Brooks begins with a story about ABD AL-RAHMAN III, an emir and caliph of Córdoba in 10th-century [...]

How do you break up with a business mentor?

Any chance you’ve ever “broken up with a business mentor”? Or perhaps someone you know has? How do you break up with your business mentor when things begin to go sour? Here’s my advice for how to go about it.

First, and in short – you don’t. It’s critical that you never burn bridges. Every interaction you [...]

The Trade Off of Outsourcing Services

With every business decision that is made there is some kind of trade off that comes with it. When an organization decides to outsource some of their services it is usually to reduce cost or because they do not have the expertise to do it in house. According to a survey conducted by Consero Group, [...]

Conference Notes: Leveraging Values in a Family Business

Family values permeate the culture at McKee Foods. Integrity, quality, productivity, responsibility, people, and innovation. They act as a kind of compass–a set of guiding principles for both non-family and family employees. McKee holds them in high regard and has, throughout the company’s history, passed them on from one generation to the next. Mike McKee [...]

Online “No Man Is an Island”

I am reminded of this quote by John Donne as my Marketing 201 online class moves into the final week of the summer session.  Having taught this online course for several years, I am always struck by the range of expectations that students bring to an online course.  Despite their technology and social media savvy, [...]

Enterprise Risk Management: A perspective

Although its basic value has been acknowledged for some time, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is emerging as a vital focus area for today’s senior management teams. Corporations are seeking a new perspective on managing risk to gain competitive advantage rather than to just think of it as a matter of compliance, which most corporations already [...]

UPS’s Billion Dollar Investment Into the Future.

After Netherlands denies a merger deal with UPS that entails one of the largest carriers in Europe, TNS, UPS announces its $1 billion investment within the European region. This can act as a major threat to the competitors in Europe and the major players but is also a huge risk that UPS may have taken [...]

Guest Blog: Navigating Your Career in Three Easy Steps

Guest Blog: Navigating Your Career in Three Easy Steps

By Erika Jones

One of the joys of my work is engaging with students in all stages of career development. “Career” is an intensely personal idea, and we are all on different parts of the path.  Whether you’re just starting out, changing careers, or re-entering the workforce after a long absence, thinking about the journey and [...]

9 Tips to Kick-Start Your Career

9 Tips to Kick-Start Your Career

Quinlan’s new director of Business Career Services believes “career readiness” is the key to meaningful employment.

9 tips to kick-start your career