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Last Day in Thailand

Our final farewell to Thailand was a memorable full-day on an eco-tour aboard a large boat and ocean kayaks near Phuket. The guides took us through caves into beautiful lagoons surrounded by monoliths of sandstone where mangrove trees thrive and the inhabitant were tropical birds and ocean life.  (We were told the monkeys must be [...]

IMBAs Onto Thailand

The morning of the New Year of the Horse, we left Cambodia and flew to Bangkok. Here we encountered the local custom of throwing water on passersby as part of the holiday celebration. This does not involve squirt guns or water balloons; we are talking about people with large buckets and hoses. We dodged the [...]

Pope Francis on Leadership


There is no denying the fact that, Pope Francis has become an international cultural icon and role model.  Time dubbed him “Person of the Year” for 2013.  He has been featured as the cover story in America’s “hip” entertainment magazine, Rolling Stone.  The BBC has called him a “superstar”.  International media watchers claim that he [...]

Trying to Understand the Bottom of the Pyramid

Our IMBA group has spent the last two days in and around Seam Reep, Cambodia.  A highlight was touring Angkor Wat, the most famous and best restored temple among the 95 that make up this 12th century complex.  Certainly the glory that was the Empire here in the 1100s matched or eclipsed that of Europe.  [...]

IMBA Students In Vietnam

After two weeks of getting our bearings in Beijing, our group of IMBA Pioneers has moved from China for two weeks in Southeast Asia. Our first stop in Vietnam was Hanoi — appropriately dubbed Ha-noisy. The streets were crowded with scooters and motorbikes. Crossing the streets was an adventure. Our patient guide encouraged is to [...]

A Great Day on the Great Wall

A Great Day on the Great Wall

Near the conclusion of our two-week stay in Beijing we ventured out of the city for a morning on the Great Wall.  No visit to China is complete without spending time gazing in awe and climbing this made-made wonder.   At one time it stretched approximate 5,500 miles across China and is over 2,000 years [...]

Terra Cotta Adventure

Terra Cotta Adventure

We have a better, although truthfully staged, picture of our group appearing to be among the Terra Cotta Warriors. Visitors are not allowed into the pit, but the entrepreneurial managers of the site did see a need to be up close and personal with the antiquities. Thus they set up a scene with copies that [...]

IMBA Students Explore China

IMBA Students Explore China

We are into our second week in this special place and have had a wealth of experiences in such a short time. In Beijing we have explored historical and modern sites. We smelled the aromatic offerings to Buddha at the Lama Temple, walked through Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, enjoyed the beautiful gardens of [...]

IMBA Students in Asia

Our Intercontinental MBA Students have begun their third foreign residency this week in Beijing. It is a long trip to the other side of the globe and our first days were spent learning our new environment and fighting to overcome initial jet lag. Everyone was struck by what a wonderful resource the Beijing Center is for [...]

Fail Your Way To Success

Success is never nearly entirely a matter of luck.  Success requires, at the very least, a medium of competence, commitment, effort, and energy.  But, being a grinder is not enough.  Having passion is no guarantee either.  There is no formula, no algorithm for success.  Malcolm Gladwell’s mantra of repeating your efforts 10,000 times, works for [...]