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Marketing an End to War

The premise of marketing an end to war may seem absurd, but what if we were to revisit the very purpose of markets and marketing. Could governments, companies, markets, marketing and consumer-citizens be managed or motivated in ways to eliminate and to prevent wars, and to sustain peace and prosperity? Considerable evidence suggests the answer […]

Political Appointments and Sustainability

December 31, 2016

Since this is a blog about sustainability and social enterprise, I thought I’d end the year with one about sustainability and politics. In particular, a contrarian view of Mick Mulvaney, trumps pick to head the OMB.

I say contrarian because a Grist headline on December 22nd was this: “Trump’s pick to head the federal […]

Peace Train to Bagan, Belfast, Bogota, Beirut, Bekaa Valley and Back

Reflections on 2016 inspired me to share a few comments on projects in countries where peace is gaining a foothold, if somewhat tenuously. A driver in these initiatives is a firm belief that constructive engagement resulting in multi-win outcomes, social justice and enhanced quality-of-life is integral to sustainable peace, prosperity, dignity and decency for all […]

Student Profile: Franklin Angevine

Student Profile: Franklin Angevine

The CME Group Foundation Business Analytics lab is the go-to place for many students, and faculty. Over time we will be profiling some of our very active users of the lab to share their experience, recommendations, and suggestions. Our very first student profile is someone who has been leveraging the lab resources to its full […]

Rambler Investment Fund Pitches

On 12/13/16, the Rambler Investment Fund’s analysts pitched their security research reports for the semester rebalance. This round saw some of the most interesting pitches yet. The pitches included Antero Resources , Facebook, Ambac Financial, a Corn Futures ETF ($CORN), Lululemon Athletica, a Yen Currency ETF ($FXY), Terra Tech Corporation, and an Australian and New […]

Wal-Mart testing new Technology

Wal-Mart testing new Technology


Olga Kharif writes in Bloomberg about Walmart’s test of new technology to facilitate cold chain tracking. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that allows the handoffs which occur in the supply chain (from grower to distributor to retail store) to record transactions, providing enhanced tracing and tracking abilities. Should the need for a recall […]

Christmas Book Bag

The gift giving season is upon us and I think that books are a gift worth giving. According to a recent report, reading novels can both entertain and delight us. Reading non-fiction can expand our sense of ourselves and the world we live in. Books allow us the opportunity to loose ourselves in the words […]

The Xchange

The Xchange

Welcome to the Xchange a forum to discuss and share ideas on current events, and trends in data analytics and pertinent technology. We hope you will find the discussions insightful, and stimulating.

In a universe trending more towards digitization and automation big data has been described as the new oil boom, the new gold rush or […]

Patagonia threads the needle of Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Tara Donaldson writes in Sourcing Journal of how Patagonia balances sometimes conflicting goals of cost and sustainability.  The key is determining what the consumer is willing to pay for – and sometimes that means investing in raising awareness to demonstrate the value.

More info can be found here

Harry Haney. Associate Director, Supply […]

What a Family Business Can Learn From the Chicago Cubs

What a Family Business Can Learn From the Chicago Cubs

To know me is to know that I am a lifelong Cubs fan. As far back as second grade I would mysteriously get sick around 11am on opening day. It was precisely timed. My mom (aka co-conspirator) picked me up from school and drove me back home where I plunked down in front of the […]