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Poverty in America?

“States of Vulnerability”

Award-winning photographer Matt Black has spent the past four years traveling the country to document impoverished communities for his project, “The Geography of Poverty.” These previously unpublished photographs, taken between December 2016 and September 2017, along with diary entries from Black’s travels and an essay from the social entrepreneur Wes […]

To Blog or Not To Blog

To Blog or Not To Blog

To play on a phrase from Shakespeare: “To blog or not to blog! That is the question!” Why do I do it? Why do so many of us do it?

Is it because technology makes it easy to do?
Is it because we are exercising our democratic right to “free speech”?
Is it because we have something really […]

Alumni Profile – Ben Gruber

The Xchange profile feature series explores in this blog the success story of a recent alumna who gained a unique and competitive opportunity at William Blair, a global investment banking and asset management firm in Chicago. Ben shares his experience at Loyola University and advice for students pursuing a similar career path.

Name: Ben Gruber

Current […]

Governance Institute: A Participant’s Perspective

Governance Institute: A Participant’s Perspective

We recently spoke to FBC Member and Governance Institute participant, Rebecca Peterson (Sasser Family Holdings) and asked her to share with us what it’s like to be enrolled in the Governance Institute.  Rebecca and her family business classmates (pictured above) are about halfway through their program and will graduate in June 2018.  Check out her take […]

Rambler Investment Fund: Crypto

Rambler Investment Fund: Crypto

Brief History of Crypto & the “Blockchain”

In late 1992, a small group of individuals from the San Francisco Bay Area with backgrounds in cryptography and computer programming, who would later be dubbed the “Cypherpunks”, began meeting on a monthly basis. To cut a long story short, the Cypherpunks collaborative projects would form the foundation of […]

Gini’s Christmas Book Bag

Gini’s Christmas Book Bag

Ah, it’s the holiday season! Time to think about buying Christmas presents! Books, I think, make a perfect present for those we like and love. They also are our great gifts to buy for ourselves! Here’s a few books I’ve recently read and loved. Enjoy!


David Litt, Thanks Obama

David Litt graduated from college and somehow wound […]

Enough Already!

Enough Already!

I can’t take any more bad news and bad headlines: “Houston Underwater”; “Hurricanes in Florida”; “Earthquakes in Mexico City”; “Puerto Rico’s Infrastructure Destroyed”; “Tropical Storm Nate to Hit New Orleans”; “Racial Hatred in Myanmar”; “North Korea tests H-Bomb”; “58 Dead in Las Vegas”. And the list goes on and on!


Catastrophe, tragedy, madness, murder, compound/complex political […]

Ken Burns, Lynn Novic, and The Vietnam War

If you did not get a chance to watch Ken Burns’ and Lynn Novic’s masterful The Vietnam War, be sure to stream it now before it goes away for awhile.  Links to the program follow at the end of this post but you won’t be able to stream it for much longer.  Don’t miss the […]

Illinois Family Business of the Year Awards: Winners and Finalists Announced!

Our Honorees’ Breakfast was held this past Friday to celebrate the Winners and Finalists (both past and present) of the Illinois Family Business of the Year Awards.  Attendees had a chance to network with one another and meet representatives from our partner organizations to talk about a number of important topics relevant to both their […]

The “3rd Chapter”: Writing Your Legacy with Edward Monte

The “3rd Chapter”: Writing Your Legacy with Edward Monte

As you enter the “3rd Chapter” of life, you will begin to polish the legacy you’ll leave within your family business. At our Legacy Conference on September 29, Edward Monte, Ph.D, will discuss how embrace this phase and make each moment count. Get a preview of his insights here:



What challenges do family businesses face when exploring the […]