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Santiago: A City of Change & Innovation

Santiago: A City of Change & Innovation

From our student guest blogger, Abbey Rosenwinkel:

To better understand the culture of a city, you have to be willing to travel to locations that can’t be found on Trip Advisor. On Monday morning we traveled down to the once economically booming neighborhood of Recoleta to see some of the local food markets. Recoleta at one time was know […]

Students Leading Extraordinary Lives in Emerging Markets

Students Leading Extraordinary Lives in Emerging Markets

Preparing students to lead extraordinary lives is something we do exceptionally well at Loyola University Chicago and the Quinlan School of Business. Among the many things I find so refreshing about the Quinlan School is the number of students who enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to immerse, engage, learn, discern and transform in emerging markets, and […]

Quinlan Ramble to Texas – ATI, AMD and Alumni!

Quinlan Ramble to Texas – ATI, AMD and Alumni!


Monday – 3/2
Austin Technology Incubator
Austin Reception for Loyola University Alumni

Reflection by Riti Bedi (Quinlan ’17)

We started off the day bright and early as we headed off to our first company visit at ATI (Austin Technology Incubator). Once we got there, we met with Isaac Barchas, the Managing Partner at ATI. He shared with us his […]

From the City to the Mountains

From the City to the Mountains

From our student guest blogger Abbey Rosenwinkel:

Our first two days in Chile couldn’t have been more opposite. Upon arriving we were swept into the whirlwind of a city that has many similarities and differences from Chicago. Chile’s painful and polarizing political history, their impressive focus on sustainability, and the geographical location near the Andes mountain range gives […]

Quinlan Ramble to Texas

Quinlan Ramble to Texas

On Saturday, February 28, 14 undergraduate Quinlan students, marketing professor Stacy Neier, student services graduate assistant, Allison Davis and student services coordinator, Alex See embarked on the Second Annual Quinlan Ramble.  Launched in 2014, the Quinlan Ramble provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to get an inside look at corporate titans; connect with Loyola alumni; […]

Colombia’s Secret Weapon: Port of Barranquilla

Colombia’s Secret Weapon: Port of Barranquilla

“There is a word that we must put in front of ‘supply chain’ now that is more important than ever, what is that word?” According to Professor Caltagirone that word is “global.” Quicker than ever our world is globalizing and trading between countries is becoming an expectation rather than a choice. Ports all over the […]

Spring Break Studying (and Savoring) Santiago, Chile

An adventurous group of thirteen students in Quinlan’s Graduate School of Business are heading away from chilly Chicago to the warmer Chile south of the equator for our Spring Break.  With temperatures in the 80’s and sunny, clear days that mark early-autumn in that part of the world, we are mixing business with pleasure in […]

Millennials are going to change the world through environmental sustainability

Making Responsible Decisions:
Millennials Are Going to Change the World —
through Environmental Sustainability.

This headline shows up on page 69 of the 11th edition of Marketing by Kerin, Hartley and Rudelius, the text we use in MARK 201.  It is repeated on page 71 of the 12th edition of the text.

This is another example of the nonsense […]

Railway Systems Rule the Logistics Landscape

From roads to  tracks to waterway to airports, all are major players in the logistics landscape, it is no surprise that US has the world’s largest freight transportation system. Among these tracks and railroads are the most active players.1

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration, the U.S. freight rail network is valued […]

Greece | Disaster Capitalism’s Disaster

Now that TieGate has thankfully ended, Alexis Tsipras and Yianis Varoufakis, fresh from unwittingly disparaging la cravate on their European roadshow, return to Athens to address the hopes of a nation they shoulder. World headlines may have strayed off message but the fanfare was an effervescent release for a nation that has borne media declarations […]