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Achieving ROI on Supply Chain Sustainability Initiatives

Bob Trebilcock in Supply Chain Management Review notes the on-going evolution of role of sustainability objectives in the supply chain from “nice to do” to “business critical”. Citing examples of four companies who have successfully made this transition, he outlines four practices essential to achieving sustainability goals:

1. Adopt rigorous, defensible reporting methodology […]

Collaboration and Technology are Keys to Improving Human Rights in Global Supply Chains

The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Human Rights report Shared Responsibility: a New Paradigm for Supply Chains discusses the ways that large global buyers have worked together and with host country governments to affect measurable improvements in human rights challenges that are too big and/or too deeply entrenched to be addressed unilaterally.

In […]

Need Better Delivery Performance? Get a New Playbook

Adrian Gonzalez’s article, Target Cracks Down on Suppliers: Same Old Same Old Approach, Same Old Same Old Results explains how Target and Walmart are tightening delivery windows to improve inbound performance. He notes this old strategy and wonders what would happen if the “800 pound gorillas” adapted a popular approach to parenting known as […]

A Look Back with Center Co-Founder, Moni Murdock

A Look Back with Center Co-Founder, Moni Murdock

In 1991, the Chicago Tribune wrote a story about the establishment of Loyola’s Family Business Center, and interviewed Moni Murdock, her husband, Bud, and John Ward. Moni was one of the founding thought and practice leaders for the Loyola Family Business Center. A licensed clinical social worker in private practice and former Loyola School of […]

Highlights from our Wine/Beer Tasting

Highlights from our Wine/Beer Tasting

We had a great time at the Great Taste event at Del Frisco’s last week and hope those who were able to join us enjoyed themselves as well! Between the great beers and wines, along with the amazing food pairings, fun was had by all.

In addition to the treats for your palate, we took time […]

“You Matter” Program and Workshop Series: Created and Designed by Hassan Akmal

“You Matter” Program and Workshop Series: Created and Designed by Hassan Akmal

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Hassan Akmal.  For a living, I help build dreams and witness their impact. Here is my Video Resume.

I have been career coaching for  7 years both independently via a company called Career Strategies and at higher education institutions all over the country. I am launching a new workshop […]

Gini in the Bottle

Fun Presidential Factoids and Trivia

Taken from: The Complete Books of Presidents

WM. Degregoric

Al Gini


Primary fatigue aside, what this exercise is all about is electing the 45th president of the United Taters of America. Below, in no particular order of importance, is a list […]

Nominations Open for the SVCC Excellence Awards!

SVCC will recognize individuals or teams in 4 categories for Supply Chain Excellence at the Annual Summit on October 17. Sponsored by Colliers International, this year’s awards and ceremony builds on the inaugural awards last year. The Awards Committee, co-chaired by Rob Payne (Aurora Healthcare) and Jack Rosenberg (Colliers), has identified the 4 awards which […]

Re-Imagining Career Services Outcomes: Track Forward; Forward Momentum

Re-Imagining Career Services Outcomes: Track Forward; Forward Momentum

“Envision it Hassan; paint it; paint it well”, said one of my career coaches early on in my career. He was referencing my desire to re-imagine the Career Services Outcomes Model. Simply put, I told him that the current model was quite impulsive and I was challenging its effectiveness. He said, “then do something about […]

Center of Attention: An Interview with Suzanne Mansell

Center of Attention: An Interview with Suzanne Mansell

Suzanne Mansell is the President of Avant Consulting Inc., specializes in supporting emerging leaders, leadership teams, and owner-managed companies, including family businesses, through times of sensitive organizational change, such as leadership and ownership succession.

Suzanne is a frequent speaker on topics related to family businesses and multi-generational workplaces and was a Next Gen PAG leader at […]