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Quinlan Social

Quinlan Social


On Tuesday October 7th, Quinlan students at Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center came by for a ‘Quinlan Social’. The event featured business professors, information about Quinlan’s many clubs and resources, Quinlan ‘Swag’ and pizza, of course. The networking event was a huge success for the many Rome Start and current Quinlan students who attended, and [...]

Raising the Bar: Career Development for the 21st Century

When I was a little boy, the most common question I was asked was, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Since that day, I have always been drawn to a place where student development and career readiness is really at the core of everything I do. The forward-thinking students I witness [...]

IKEA sustainability manager warns companies not to be ‘greenwash’

“Don’t ‘greenwash’ because you will be caught out.  The media, your own colleagues and customers will be aware (if you pretend to have good sustainability credentials)” was the message the IKEA UK’s environment and sustainable development manager Charlie Browne, speaking at the CIPS Annual Conference.

A good starting point is for procurement departments to look at [...]

10 Tips for a Better Life

Gini in a Bottle

10 Tips for a Better Life

Al Gini

              This summer Pope Francis gave an interview to the Argentine news weekly, Viva. In it the Pope offered his “Top 10 Tips” for joy in one’s life. Whether you’re a Catholic, a Muslim, a Jew, or a non-believer his list [...]

Eurozone Crisis: Perspective of the people

I recently tutored a local man in English this past week. He is a 50 year old businessman in the electricity markets here in Rome. He previously knew English about 20 years ago, but it went by the wayside. I opted to just sit down and talk with him to get his English speaking memory [...]

Women @work

Emily Erdman, a junior student at Quinlan School of Business joins our blog as a guest author. Her blog will focus on gender discrimination and its effect on Enterprise Risk Management. Please join us with your comments.

Men and women have been stereotyped for years. Culturally, men have been perceived as the “bread-winner” and women as [...]

The JFRC life

It was the first real weekend to travel independently, and a group of friends and I decided to explore the Amalfi Coast. and boy, it was an adventure. Two trains and a bus ride later, we stayed in a hostle nestled into the cliffs with superior views of the sea. We went to the beach, [...]

Writing Samples: Are they worth the risk?

Writing Samples: Are they worth the risk?

Many students ask me the question of whether they need a writing sample. The first thing I turn around and ask them is, “why not?” As a former Chief Executive Officer, I remember doing a ton of hiring and what I really wanted to know was, “what’s their story?” I wanted to know if the [...]

Logistics News: Even as they Increasingly Partner for Branded Services, UPS and FedEx Say Recent Major USPS Price Cuts Not Fair

The struggling United States Post Office continues to look at its parcel delivery business as perhaps the key path to some level of financial viability – and it is using significant price cuts to wrest share away from market leaders UPS and FedEx.

The latest USPS pricing initiative began in August when its government regulators gave [...]

First full week in Rome

First full week in Rome


What a week it has been.

The John Felice Rome Center is full of excitement and opportunities, and I have experienced many new people, places and things since I arrived just one week ago. The open culture provides a solid foundation of meeting new people who want to experience the world with you.

Aside from some mandatory [...]