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Family Unity: A Family Business Core Strength

In a family business, family unity is critical to grow and maintain wealth across generations. While this might sound obvious, many families lack strong family unity, leaving the business vulnerable and jeopardizing its chances for long term success.

Keep in mind that families typically grow at a much faster rate than businesses. Unless there’s significant growth [...]

Lessons Being Learned By An Aging Boomer Generation: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The post war “Baby Boomers” are about 72 million strong. They are children of the “Greatest Generation”, the generation who survived the Depression and saved the world during WWII. Boomers are, as a group: the best educated, the most prosperous; the healthiest; most mortgaged (homes, cars, credit cards); most addicted (drugs, alcohol, shopping); most divorced; [...]

Natural Gas Fueling – The Silent Transportation Revolution

A second revolution has been quietly gaining traction in the U.S. transportation sector.  Over the last five years, more than $450 million of private sector capital has been invested in natural gas fueling infrastructure.  In fact, a technological breakthrough has enabled the development of both fuel storage enhancements and lighter stronger tanks that promise to increase [...]

9 days to go

As I begin to say “farewell” to friends before I head to the John Felice Rome Center, I was asked about why I decided to study abroad as well as any apprehensions I may have. I thought I would share my answer with all of you.

There isn’t a single event that triggered me to study [...]

Two-thirds of Boeing’s $6 Billion Cost Cutting Will Come from Its Supply Chain

The head of Boeing’s Defense, Chris Chadwick, spoke on Monday that nearly two-thirds of its $6 Billion in cost cutting will come from savings found in its network of suppliers.

“There continues to be tremendous opportunity in the supply chain for efficiency, cost reduction” said Chadwick.  Boeing has already cut $4 Billion and plan to cut [...]

Real-Time Retailing

According to a survey by BRP, the top priority for retailers is “to enable a seamless customer experience online and in the store.”

BRP defines this “unified commerce” initiative as the evolution of both multi-channel and omni-channel retailing to provide seamless shopping experience for customers anywhere.  The survey offers insights into retailers’ current capabilities, planned initiatives, [...]

How to be a Change Agent

How to be a Change Agent

What are the characteristics of a change agent? I wanted to be a change agent my entire life. I wanted to make a positive impact wherever I worked and to give back to society. I wanted to make a difference. I didn’t know where to begin. Our Business Career Services (BCS) team spent a day [...]

Life is the Career

August is a teacher’s first bell, gently urging the transition from summer indulgences to fall preparations.  I love the first day of fall term from which I draw a deep sense of renewal and promise.  But this year my earnest anticipation is tempered by the burdens facing students in particular and the Academy in general. The [...]

Conference Notes: Children of Wealth: Fact vs. Fiction

There are a number of assumptions around children of wealth. Some true, some not so true. Ed Monte, founder and principal of the Family Solutions Group, had a candid conversation with me sharing key insights on the topic. Check out Ed’s fact vs. fiction list below and see if your assumptions about children of wealth [...]

Career Services is a Dynamic and Changing Landscape

There is a clear recognition by the career services global community that times have changed and we need to design a new model of career services to meet the new needs of students, parents, alumni, faculty and recruiters.

One common perception that we want to change is that students don’t need career services until they’re close [...]