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Who’s Going to the Draft

Matt Hemphill is our guest blogger and is a manager for the LUC men’s basketball team:

‘Declared for the draft’, the words every NBA fan is waiting to here at this time. As there college basketball season is winding down we look next to the NBA draft and to those players declaring for the NBA. In […]

How lean can be adopted

The key principle of lean transformation is to maximize customer value while minimizing and reducing waste. As stated in Supply Chain 247, both the automotive and manufacturing world have adopted lean transformation processes when manufacturing goods. The question is posed why such processes haven’t been adapted for by distribution centers in the fulfillment of orders.

The […]

The Madness of March Madness

Nikki Stenerson shares her thoughts on the NCAA basketball tournament:

March Madness, “The Big Dance”, 68 teams, 3 weeks and billions upon billions of dollars. The money this tournament brings in is astonishing. Let’s break it down.

In 2014, TV revenues alone for the tournament totaled 1.13 billion dollars. Yes, that’s billions. With a “b”. Last year, […]

Viva Medellin, Viva Colombia

Medellin, Colombia: quick, what comes to mind? Drugs, violence, Pablo Escobar — all the above? These themes and names unfortunately are still frequently associated with Medellin. To see if grisly recollections of this city coincide with current realities, a colleague from Bogotá, Dr. Andrés Barrios, and I conducted a rapid market appraisal. We spent the […]

The Chicago Bulls: Injuries are a blessing in disguise

Today’s guest post is by Connor Gomer.

The injuries that have plagued the Chicago Bulls over the last three seasons have been beyond frustrating. Not seeing your best player and franchise point guard compete night in and night out because of some unlucky knee injuries is the last thing you want to see as a fan. […]

2/28/15 – Bienvenidos!

2/28/15 – Bienvenidos!


KATE KASCH, arrival Bogota:

The whole group has made it to Bogota, Colombia. Reuniting in a foreign country feels natural for this group, and there is so much excitement in the energy between us that we spent those first few hours all talking at the same time and somehow hearing everything said. There were group hugs […]

MLS Expansion

Today’s post is from Travis Hanauer in the Sports Media class:

Major League of Soccer (MLS) continues to show positive signs the league is picking up momentum. Evidence of league growth is shown by club owner’s willingness to spend big money on international stars, a new CBA, free agency, and expansionary teams.

Don Garber, MLS commissioner has […]

The Museum of Memories and Human Rights Strikes a Personal Chord

The Museum of Memories and Human Rights Strikes a Personal Chord

One of the students on our Chile study-abroad experience, Ismael Ruiz Hoyas, shares some very personal impressions and realizations related to our trip.  The following is his dialogue:

Chile is a country that produces a wide range of commodities that include alpaca wool and limon de píca from Atacama; olive oil, papaya and pisco from Copiapo; […]

Wilson and Louisville Slugger

From time to time, we’ll have guest bloggers from the Sport Media class guest blog on current events. It’s a great opportunity for these budding sport professionals to gain experience and of course…see their name on the LUC website!

The following is from Joe Zgrabik:

Wilson Sporting Goods hit a homerun on Monday with its $70 million […]

2/28/15 Horseback Riding in La Calera

2/28/15 Horseback Riding in La Calera



8:00 am – Lisa, Aggeliki, Justine & Kate – Horseback Riding in La Calera with Andreas Umana                 5:07 pm – Kate and Greg arrive in Bogota from Chicago

It’s Saturday morning, the first morning for four of us, begins early. We are up, dressed and at breakfast by 7:15am ready to meet with Andreas Umana of […]