Shane’s 4 Must Hear Vinyls

You might be asking yourself, who is Shane? Simply put, he is a music enthusiast. A look inside his room and you will find autographed artist posters, guitars, CDs and lots of vinyls. Over in Portage Park, Shane Garcia opened his doors to give me an exclusive look at his collection, which consists of over 250 vinyls. Find out what he says are 4 must hear Chicago artist vinyls.

  1. “Proper” by Into It. Over It.

After meeting the artist by accident at a merchandise table, he now speaks to the artist before and after the shows he attends. He is a great storyteller and the artist remains humble despite newfound success. The artist also holds a special memory for Shane as the song “Wicker Park” is the 1st song he shared with his girlfriend.

  1. “Kittyhawk” by Kittyhawk

Going to school and being friends with the lead singer/keyboarder, Kate, Shane got a firsthand look at the band. The jubilant tune of the group is a fresh sound that makes them a favorite of his.

  1. “Oh! Calcutta!” by The Lawrence Arms

After seeing them perform at Riot Fest 2013, he left the music festival in awe. The band performs with high energy and always gives their fans a great performance by not selling their music short. He described them as “everything a fan wants from a band.”

  1. “We Chase The Waves” by Sundowner

The acoustic solo rock artist has a different bite to his music. The music has more edge than a typical alternative group, which is refreshing when you want to hear something new.

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