The Summer of Jimmy Whispers

You might have walked around the city and noticed some mysterious street art plastered on the walls. An ice cream cone, a handgun and the Chicago Bulls logo accompany the phrase “Summer in Pain.” The street art served as an introduction, almost three years in the making, for artist Jimmy Whispers. So, how does one man not only grow a fan base and keep them in anticipation for his debut album, but also get a call from Pitchfork Music Festival?

This week, Jimmy released his much anticipated album via SoundCloud and it delivered. Jimmy belts out an LP about heartbreak, pain and love. Simply put, Summer in Pain is catchy. Jimmy crafts his 10 song, 25 minute album by himself, pre-recording keyboard demos on a Thomas electric organ and singing his tunes into his iPhone.

Jimmy gives back to the city of Chicago by holding benefit shows for Cure Violence. Middle Brow Brewery even developed a Summer in Pain Ale to help Jimmy’s cause, donating half the profits of its sale for Cure Violence. With all the backing Jimmy has been receiving, it’s no wonder Pitchfork soon came calling. With his pending performance at Pitchfork on July 18, it’s beginning to shape up as the summer of Jimmy.

Support Jimmy Whispers rise to prominence and listen to his SoundCloud below. Also, stream his LP exclusively on Spin.

18 thoughts on “The Summer of Jimmy Whispers”

  1. Jimmy is the man! Nice work covering him. I can’t believe he finally released his album.

  2. I had the privilege of seeing Jimmy give a great performance at his record release show at the Empty Bottle. I’m glad the man is getting some much deserved attention.

  3. Very well written. We need more exposure like this for rising artists. Not only because of their music but to recognize them as a great individuals.

  4. I just ran across your blog, but I really dig Jimmy. I saw him at the Empty Bottle before and waiting on Pitchfork to see him again.

  5. Awesome article! Artists like Jimmy deserve a ton more media coverage, especially for their amount of dedication to the community and for causes like Cure Violence. Not to mention his amazing talent.

  6. Pretty sick music. Been listening to it on repeat. Hopefully Jimmy heads out to the West Coast too.

  7. Great article. Jimmy has a unique sound and we definitely need more artists like these around.

  8. Whoa, def seen at the Bottle before! And that summer in pain on Logan Square!!! Represent Jimmy.

  9. We need more blog readers like you around! He certainly has a unique quality about him. Thanks for the input!

  10. We’re happy to give coverage to artists who deserve it! He’s definitely more than just his music.

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