The Craziest Band We’ve Ever Seen and You Can’t Miss

The Orwells, a five-part band that hails from Elmhurst, gave an off-the-wall performance at The Revolution Brewing 5 Year Anniversary Party on Friday, March 13th at The Riviera. Located directly off the Lawrence Red Line stop, The Riviera is conveniently set for anyone looking to see a show at an open, old-style venue.

While The Orwells were the second act to go on, there was no doubt they stole the show from the opener Beer Nuts and headliner Andrew W.K. With their melodic, carefree and dirty vibe, the crowd was instantly transfixed by the garage-rock sound. From mosh pit circles up front to dancing and head nodding in the back, the eccentric performance brought all eyes to the stage.


The quintet consists of Mario Cuomo (vocals), Grant Brinner (bass), Henry Brinner (drums), Dominic Corso (guitar), and Matt O’Keefe (guitar). Although young, the band provides a mature sound that would intrigue a rock ‘n roll lover of any generation. Their advanced skills mixed with their youthful on-stage presence create an explosive vibe of nostalgia.


While The Orwells may have a controversial reputation, there is no denying that their sound and stage presence create a captivating atmosphere. They kept the energetic crowd going by playing some of their biggest hits, including “The Righteous One,” “Who Needs You,” and “In My Bed.” Mario also brought some of his best dance moves.


While the show itself was wild and exciting, The Orwells really psyched the crowd before Andrew W.K.’s performance when Cuomo jumped off the stage. As the rest of the band finished their final song, Mario climbed up to a box seat and finished the set from there as the crowd went crazy.


Chicago Elmhurst should be proud to call this band their own. From their enthralling sound to the huge presence they’re making around the world, the future is just starting for these five. It might sound cliché, but what’s true is true. Be sure to get tickets the next time they’re in town; you won’t regret spending a night with The Orwells.



Interested in listening to The Orwells? Check us out on Spotify and click here to listen to my top picks. Also check out more from The Orwells at their website here!