Schubas Tavern: What You’ve Been Missing

Do you feel as though your cliche music venues have been missing something?

To be quite frank, they probably have. The United Center can hold a big crowd but it lacks the intimate vibes and local flavor that some of our not-so-well-known venues offer.

Luckily for us all, such a thing as Schubas Tavern exists.

If Urban Outfitters, your grandpas sweater and a record store decided to create a performance hall, it would be Schubas.



Location: Location, Location, Location goes to the old cliche and however cheesy, there is some serious truth to it. Schubas Tavern is located in a trendy hotspot that some of you local Chicagoaens might know as “Lincoln Park.”

Price Point: Traditionally, Schubas offers tickets that aren’t any steeper than $20. For the ever-struggling college student, Schubas is a nice break from paying upwards of $50 to see just one concert.

Bands: Schubas is all about variety when it comes to who performs. The artist they feature range in age, notoriety, style, where they come from, and what kind of music they’re performing. However, they keep our Windy City proud by featuring a vast amount of local Chicago-based bands.


Vibes: There is an unmistakable cozy and laid back feel at this venue. The size is just right to feel as though you’re really a part of everything going on around you. Photobooths can be found and vintage music advertisements line the walls. The ambiance certainly adds to the experience of whatever concert is being played.

So if Schubas Tavern sounds like the place for you then check out their upcoming shows and specials here!