4 Things You Need To Know About White Noise

When was the last time you were able to enjoy live music in an intimate setting? Have you ever been so excited listening to an artist’s music that it made you say, “They’re going to make it big one day.” Find out why White Noise will be your guide to Chicago’s alternative music scene.

  1. A Spotlight On Chicago Talent.

Chicago is a hotbed for musical talent. We will be covering Chicago based artists that will interest college students. How do we know this? We’re college students that have a pulse on the current music scene!

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  1. Introducing You To Smaller Venues.

With smaller venues comes a more intimate experience between the artist and the audience. Artists performing care more about the actual music rather than giving a production. Interactions with the artist are more feasible in a smaller venue rather than bigger venues where you’re just a number in the crowd.

  1. Focus On Alternative Music.

Having a focus on a specific genre means we have to be dedicated in order to bring you an in-depth look at the alternative music scene in Chicago. It also means you will get new and engaging content from our writers because we are passionate about the subject.

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  1. Six Bloggers.

A crew of six bloggers gives you different perspectives from each different individual. We offer variety through our six skilled bloggers.

Other blogs focus on critiquing and reviewing music only. White Noise will feature playlists on Spotify, interviews with bands, spotlights on venues and much more that will broaden your musical palate.

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