4 Reasons You Should See Lost At Land

Whether you’re from here or not, it comes as no surprise that Chicago has been a significant music hub for the past decade. With so many bands spawning from one location, it has become a personal quest for college music lovers to find the next big thing, and I think I’ve found it. Lost At Land, a versatile punk band made up of local Chicago college students, has been playing shows all over the city for the past few years. I got a chance to catch up with Keagan Potts, the band’s bassist, and he gives you 4 reasons why you should make a trip to one of their next concerts.

  1. They’re Chicago based.

According to Keagan, Lost At Land was formed in spring of 2013 at Chicago’s very own Loyola University, when Fortuna Hau (vocals/guitar), and Patrick Canniff (drums/percussion) started playing music together. Keagan (bassist) and Jose Vega (lead guitar) joined the band in the following months and the rest was history. Seeing a band like this will give you a better sense of the music scene here in Chicago, and it also helps support the local music culture.


  1. They’re versatile.

Lost At Land plays a wide variety of punk music, which ranges from softer hardcore punk to “dancy” punk. “Either way”, Keagan says, “our music will be like candy for your ears, satisfying that craving for beautiful music fusion.”

  1. Big venues like their music too.

Not only does the band have a pretty cool sound, but they’ve also gotten some significant attention within the short time they’ve been together. Lost At Land has played at well-known Chicago venues like Subterranean, The House of Blues, and the Beat Kitchen. If big venues like those think that they’re worth a listen, then they must be.


  1. Their music stimulates your mind as well as your ears.

When asked why people should care about their music, this is what Keagan had to say: “People should listen to our music because we will make them move with our awesome beats and riffs, and the message of our songs will make people think in a passionate way that can only result from the most powerful emotional experiences…. No matter what you’ll feel connected (to the music).”

If Lost At Land sounds like your kind of band, make sure to check them out at their upcoming gig and visit their website!

3/21 – Loyola University’s Project Heavy – 5:30 P.M.

(General admission: $8, Loyola Students: $5)

Lost At Land

4 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Should See Lost At Land”

  1. I’m not usually into alternative music but I will definitely be checking these guys out! Gotta support fellow Ramblers!

  2. Thank you so much for your response! We’ll be having even more content on local bands like The Orwells and Modern Vices coming up so stay tuned!

  3. It’s great to see some Loyola Musicians getting some recognition! I love Lost At Land and it’s about time everyone else gets to hear who they are.

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