Shane’s 4 Must Hear Vinyls

You might be asking yourself, who is Shane? Simply put, he is a music enthusiast. A look inside his room and you will find autographed artist posters, guitars, CDs and lots of vinyls. Over in Portage Park, Shane Garcia opened his doors to give me an exclusive look at his collection, which consists of over 250 vinyls. Find out what he says are 4 must hear Chicago artist vinyls.

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Yoko and the Oh No’s: Raw Sound, Blurred Scene

Chicago-based band, Yoko and the Oh No’s,  are an up-and-coming garage rock band that proclaim they “want to make you dance.” From their soulful sound to energetic dance moves, Yoko and the Oh No’s bring the party.

Check them out:


The Summer of Jimmy Whispers

You might have walked around the city and noticed some mysterious street art plastered on the walls. An ice cream cone, a handgun and the Chicago Bulls logo accompany the phrase “Summer in Pain.” The street art served as an introduction, almost three years in the making, for artist Jimmy Whispers. So, how does one man not only grow a fan base and keep them in anticipation for his debut album, but also get a call from Pitchfork Music Festival?

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100% Free, 100% Fresh: Why Schubas is Doing Concerts Right

 On February 25th,  Schuba’s Tavern hosted RCRDS, Strange Faces and the main act Cassettes on Tape as a part of their AWESOME “100% Off” series. The series is an innovative idea that allows Schubas to showcase local bands for free. It’s a great way to discover new artists without tapping into your funds. Best of all, the atmosphere is more fun because people are there to support local music rather than to punch you in the nose to get a glimpse of the band. If you ever are looking for something to do, consider checking out a local band at Schubas. I promise, if you try hard enough, you can come up with the funds to get in.


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Chicago Does SXSW: Playlist

Missed your chance to go to SXSW this year? Don’t worry your pretty little head, because White Noise has the playlist for you. We’ve compiled our favorite songs from all of the Chicago bands present at this years SXSW event just for our readers! Check out our selections and tell us what you think!

Spotify Link: Chicago Does SXSW



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