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Phishing Scam – JOB OPENINGS

Posted on: July 7th, 2021 by Jim Pardonek

The latest phishing is one of the more common ones that attempts to get you to email your banking information to the scammer in exchange for a non-existent job.  The way these work is that they “hire” you and ask for your routing and account number so that you can get “paid”.  The scammer then withdraws money from your account an disappears.  The email address appears to come from a Loyola email box.  Please see the text below.  If you see this email message, please do not respond and delete the message.  You can permanently delete the message by highlighting the message, holding the SHIFT key, and pressing delete.


Name of Company: NBC

JOB TITLE: Earn Money by Driving


JOB DESCRIPTION: We seek interested applicants to go about their normal routine with the decal of the “2022 Winter Olympics” on their Vehicles.


Qualification: Drive at least 100 miles / weekly


SALARY: $300 weekly


For more information interested Candidates should contact: with their personal email.

Michael Manley

Hiring Coordinator/Logistic Supervisor



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