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Phishing Scam – Task Request

Posted on: January 5th, 2021 by Jim Pardonek

The most recent phishing scam comes as an email apparently from the Sr. VP of Finance. The email attempts to trick the user into replying with their mobile phone number. Once provided, he user starts receiving text messages with instructions to purchase gift cards on their personal credit card with the unfounded understanding that they will be reimbursed. The gift cards are then sent to the criminal and the monies are lost. Please do not reply to this message. Below is a copy of the message.

From: xxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 11:46 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Task Request

Hi, xxxxxxxx
Do you have any free time now? I need your immediate assistance.


Best Regards,
Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Financial Services
Loyola University Chicago

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