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OUCH! Newsletter – Social Engineering Attacks

Posted on: November 20th, 2020 by Jalan Cruz


We are excited to announce November’s edition of OUCH! – “Social Engineering Attacks”. A common misconception about cyber attackers is that they use only highly advanced tools and techniques to hack into peoples’ computers or accounts. In reality, they have learned the easiest way to access our devices, accounts and data is to simply ask for them. Learn how these attacks work and how to easily spot and stop them. Led by Guest Editor Christian Nicholson, download and share OUCH! with family, friends and co-workers, and as always translated into over 20 languages.

Social Engineering Attacks:

OUCH! Archives:

The New Game Changer for High School Students

This week SANS launched its largest public service effort to date. CyberStart America will enable up to 100,00 U.S. high school students to play a fun, immersive cybersecurity game where they solve realistic cybersecurity challenges while playing the role of a cyber protection agent. 

They will get to play the CyberStart game through the end of February, and students who complete at least 20 percent of the challenges will be eligible to enter a scholarship round where they can win $2,000,000 in scholarships to be used at the colleges they attend.

Join Us for the 7th Annual Security Awareness Summit December 3rd and 4th

The 7th annual SANS Security Awareness Summit is on and we’re getting ready for our biggest and best Summit yet!

Every year, we strive to provide the very best forum for security awareness officers looking to take their program to the next level! Our promise is to provide actionable lessons you can take back and apply right away within your organization, with a focus on your industry, employee base, and current maturity level. This two-day Summit includes expert awareness-focused talks, interactive discussions, networking events, and more!

SANS Training

Starting November 5th – Best Special Offers of the Year on all SANS 5-or-6 day Courses Available now. Includes OnDemand and Live Online!

Don’t miss the great Tech Offers and Discounts available this month with your SANS 5-or-6 day course registration.

OnDemand – New Courses

Check out the new courses available in SANS OnDemand which features self-paced training with four months of course access. Subjet-Matter-Expert support and hands-on Labs, let you reinforce new skills from home when your schedule allows. Check out the new content with a Demo on the OnDemand Platform for these and many other SANS courses.

OUCH! Newsletter Guest Author – Christian Nicholson

Christian Nicholson is a SANS instructor for SANS SEC560 and Sans SEC504, as well as Partner/Cyber Lead at Indelible. Christian specializes in Application Security, Purple Teaming, and Automation for secure integration, programming and engineering.

Next Month’s OUCH

The December edition of OUCH! will be on “Securing The Generation Gap”.


Lance Spitzner

Director, SANS Security Awareness


Twitter: @lspitzner

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