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Beware of Fake Zoom Requests

Posted on: March 31st, 2020 by Jim Pardonek

As our classrooms move to the home we find that communication platforms such as Zoom become extremely popular and have become the default way to deliver a real time classroom experience while totally online. With the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, cybercriminals are taking advantage of this spike in usage by creating new fake “Zoom” domains and malicious “Zoom” executable files in an attempt to trick people into downloading malware on their devices.

It has recently been reported by Check Point that over 1,700 new “Zoom” domains have been registered since universities have moved to online only. Loyolans do a great job at checking their emails for phishing attacks and bad links in email and the University Information Security Office appreciates each and every one of you that let us know you’ve found a sketchy email. Each time you get a Zoom link or document messaged or forwarded to you, you should take an extra look to make sure it’s not a cybercriminal trying to take advantage of the pandemic.


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