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“ITS Service Center”/Email Scams

Posted on: April 13th, 2017 by

Beware of 2 new email scams that are targeting Loyola. The emails will begin with text similar to that found below, and will advise you to change your password to keep your account from being locked out. Please delete such emails without clicking any links and entering personal information. Unsuspecting users who visit the link will likely be guided through a series of steps designed to collect your personal information and/or install malware on your machine.


Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students;

 Your Account Password will expire in 3 days, please click HERE to update your account immediately.

 This message is from Loyola Technology Services Center. Please follow instruction on this message and your account will be updated within 24hours. We sincerely apologize for this unusual problem.


Loyola Technology Services.

Subject: ACCOUNT.

This is to inform you that our webmail Admin Server is currently congested, and your Mailbox is out of date. We are currently  deleting all inactive accounts so please confirm that your e-mail account is still active by updating your current and correct details by CLICKING HERE



Admin Department
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