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March 17, 2015 Phishing Report

Posted on: March 17th, 2015 by Jacob Schuldt

Over the past several weeks, the Help Desk and Information Security Office have received complaints of numerous spam e-mails claiming that “Your e-mail account was LOGIN today by Unknown IP address:”. The subject line is generally “Support” and the e-mail instructs the user to “click on the Administrator link below and LOGIN”, which then provides a bogus link that will ask for a log-in username and password. This e-mail did not originate from Loyola University, and your e-mail account has not been accessed by anyone. Please do not click the link.
The University Information Security Office has already blocked this link from on-campus computers, but we would like to caution you that we cannot block this link from smart phones and external networks, such as home or public networks.

Please remember that when receiving e-mails, you should check the sender in the top of the e-mail before following any links. Normally a legitimate organization will have a somewhat simple naming convention for their e-mail accounts (relating to the user’s name), and their domain will coincide with their company name. If either the name or the domain seem suspicious, be cautious when responding or acting.

If you received this e-mail, or receive it in the future, do not click the link. Simply delete the e-mail, and remove it from your Deleted Items folder. If by any chance the phishing link was clicked, please change your password immediately, and call the ITS Help Desk for assistance at (773) 508 – 4487.

If you receive a suspicious email in the future, please forward it to For additional questions regarding this phishing scam, or any other information security concerns, please feel free to contact the Information Security Office at

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