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2 Million Passwords Stolen

Posted on: December 6th, 2013 by

On December 3rd, cyber security firm Trustwave announced that they discovered that hackers have stolen two million passwords from 93,000 websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Linkedin and Google. According to Trustwave, passwords were obtained using keylogging software and is part of a new botnet. The massive campaign started on October 21st with only one proxy server found so far. There are steps you can take to protect your computer and your accounts from unwanted access.

Update your AntiVirus software:
The virus is hidden, the best way to catch it is to update your antivirus and update the latest patches of your web browser, Java and Adobe. By updating your antivirus, you are updating that programs knowledge so that it could find new viruses and new malware.

Use two factor authentication:
Two factor authentication, also known as two step verification, would also help prevent your accounts from being accessed. It has two factors, something you have and something you know. Using an ATM is an example, it requires something you have, your debit card, and something you know, your PIN number. Using this method will help you keep your accounts safe.

Use a firewall:
A firewall filters traffic based on a security policy, it will prevent unwanted and unsafe connections to your computer while allowing connections that were requested or are safe.

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