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Tips for Cyber Monday and Black Friday Shopping

Posted on: November 27th, 2013 by

Only shop at reputable websites and with sites that start with https://:
Shop at sites that you know, do not start with a search engine. Also watch out for misspellings of a well known website, known as typosquatting. These misspelled websites could be connected to a botnet for the purpose of stealing your bank account information or could try to get you to make a purchase with alluring deals. The websites could also lead you to a page that is completely different from what you are expecting,, for example, would lead you to a site called

Use sites whose url starts with https://. The difference between http:// and https:// is that https indicates that the website has protocols that encrypt information, which is especially important when making purchases on a wireless network; Using Loyola’s network from your laptop or phone is an example of using a wireless network.

Track your shopping records:
Track your purchases regularly during the Holiday Season with online banking, don’t wait for a monthly bank statement. If you notice an unknown charge, call the bank or vendor and find the problem immediately. If you wait too long to address the matter(about 30 days), you could be liable for the charges anyway.

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