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What Makes a Good Resume: 101

What Makes a Good Resume: 101


A cartoon hand shakes and quivers while holding a resume.

Many of us may need to start working on our resumes whether it is for a job, an internship, applying to a school, etc. Now what is the function of a resume you may ask? It is a concise summary of your education, work/volunteer/internship experiences and other qualifications relevant to your audience’s needs. Employers use resumes as a first impression and will use it to compare you to other candidates. NOTE: a good resume does not guarantee you a job, it just allows you to be considered. A resume demonstrates the skills and capabilities that the reader would value and it is essential for you to demonstrate your abilities and is showcases a sense of direction in your career.

How to layout and format a good resume:

There are a few basic resume types but lets focus on some things that are particularly helpful –

  • It is recommended to format chronologically so that the reader is able to see organization qualities as well as being able to follow your experience.
  • Aim to fit your resume on 1 page – unless you have more experiences that are relevant to the job, you should limit it to one page because it is a general overview of your skills and capabilities.
  • AVOID using templates as a basis for your resume because sometimes they can be difficult to alter and limits you from standing out if your resume looks just like everyone else’s. (Remember, the person reading your resume is most likely reading soooooo many others.)
  • Use CAPS, bolding, underlining, bullets, and indentation to direct the reader’s attention and separate different sections of the resume.
  • Do NOT use graphics or unusual fonts and colors to “dress up” your resume. It doesn’t look professional and you need to limit your space as well because you only have 1 page remember.
  • Use margins between 0.5″ – 1.0″ which leaves enough blank space on the page so that the document is comfortable to read and enough margin to allow for different viewing software and printers.
  • It would be better to save your file as a pdf before submitting electronically so that it preserves the format.


Sections within your resume:


Contact information

  • Include your name and email address as well as the phone number and street address you would prefer to be contacted at

Introductory Statement 

  • “Objective” statements are often considered awkward, obsolete, or unnecessary.
  • If you use a summary statement, make sure that your experiences live up to that statement.


  • List degrees in reverse chronological order
  • List the official names of the school you have attended
  • You may list your GPA if it is strong
  • Course Work descriptions: which can include honors and awards (scholarships/fellowships)
  • Study abroad – list school(s), location, dates

Work Experiences 

  • List experiences in reverse-chronological order.
  • Show the name of the organization, your title, and dates of involvement.
  • Be consistent in your formatting of each experience
  • Use bulleted phrases to describe each experience which should demonstrate skills and capabilities – consider how your experiences demonstrate core work skills (communication/interpersonal skills, organization/time management/leadership, analytical/problem solving skills.
  • Use a professional and active voice

Internship, Co-curricular and Volunteer Experience 

  • List experiences that involve leadership or organizational responsibilities
  • Format the same way and be sure to demonstrate core work skills


  • This section is optional but this includes additional language skills you possess or certifications/licenses
  • This can also include technology or soft ware skills that are relevant to your career.


Hopefully this helps many of you! If you need additional guidance, refer to Loyola’s Career Development Center – they have many available resources, including sample resumes/cover letters!


Fall Break!

Fall Break!

Fall break has arrived and I am welcoming it with open arms and open books.

I kicked it off with a trip to the movies with a friend to see “The Perks of Being A Wallflower”. It was a truly wonderful movie with great acting. I read the book when I was in junior high, and as much as people have said that you should read the book before seeing it, I’m really glad that I didn’t remember a thing from the book. It was like a brand new experience, one that left me with a lot of food for thought.

Now that I have started fall break, the time has come to spend four straight days catching up on sleep and homework, and I’m actually fine with that. Tomorrow I will do neither, though, because I’m rising early to go to work. I’m excited for that  for several reasons.

First off, this is going to be the first Saturday that I work at my job ever, and I’ve been working there for over a year now, so I’m really happy about that. Second, it’ll be a fair, and I’ve never actually worked a fair before so it’ll be a little different from what I usually do at work.

Third and finally, which is kind of my favorite reason, I’ll be working downtown at the Water Tower Campus, as opposed to at Lake Shore Campus, so though I’ll be seeing my coworkers working, we’ll be in a different environment than I’ve ever seen them in. That may sound weird, but to me its really cool. Having this workday be different from my usual will be a nice change, and I know that it’ll make me appreciate my job even more because I’ll be seeing it from a new light.

Sunday will be the day when I finally get to catch up on my sleep. I plan on unplugging all phones and other electronics in the house, putting my sleep mask on, and knocking out for a good 12 hours. Yes, that does sound crazy, but so does going day after day to school on 5 hours of sleep. I want half a day of uninterrupted shut-eye so I can dream in peace.

Once I do wake up, it’s a complete homework day from there. There are several chapters and assignments that I need to catch up on, and I hope to get everything done by the time midnight rolls around. Time to break out my school rules and get crankin’!

Dwindling Summer= Back to Chi!

Dwindling Summer= Back to Chi!

After 8 long, long, months I was ready to get back to the greatest city in America! I was incredibly eager to get back to Chicago and Loyola, since I hadn’t been there since December because of my trip abroad this spring semester.

My summer wasn’t too eventful, but it was very relaxing! It mainly consisted of work, work and more work. (Can you imagine how broke I was after roaming around Europe?)  I worked at a small breakfast cafe as a waitress, so that took up most of my time seeing as I had to be there every morning at 5:30.  Yep… 5:30 A.M.  I just cringed typing that.

Besides working, I spent a lot of time with my family and friends.  We took our annual three day trip to Cedar Point, the largest amusement park in America.  It’s basically Ohio’s claim to fame.  It has a ton of roller coasters, a water park, and it’s right on Lake Erie.  We go with all of my dad’s brothers and sisters, and all 16 of my cousins. Here’s the tallest roller coaster in the park, the Top Thrill Dragster.  It’s literally about a ten second ride. Straight up, straight down.  Terrifying.

The remainder of my summer was spent getting ready for Loyola.  I was on a mission to find cute decorations for my apartment.  I was extra excited for this year since I would be living right off Michigan Avenue- the most prime location!   I knew it was about to be the best school year yet.



I finally made it! Final exams are over and I am headed home for the summer.

This summer I will be working as a receptionist at a fitness center and as a counselor at a day camp. My hours will be gruesome (5:15 am – 10:00 am) but it will be well worth it when I start bringing home the bacon.

Other than working, I plan on sun bathing, reading, sleeping and more sun bathing.

It will be nice to be with all of my friends from back home. My Loyola friends and I, on the other hand, have already begun planning our road trip to see each other. So, between St. Louis, Kalamazoo and Cleveland, we have 1241 miles to cover.

It is going to be a great summer but I will miss Loyola very much.

See you in the fall!

Work Study Pays Off!

Work Study Pays Off!

As part of my financial aid package at Loyola, I was given the opportunity to get a work study job in the neighborhood to bring in some extra $$$. Starting at the beginning of the fall semester, I took on a position as a tutor through an after school program put on by a church in Rogers Park, about a ten minute walk from Loyola’s Lakeshore campus. The job turned out to be more fun than I ever thought— I get paid to play dodgeball, do art projects and help the cutest third graders ever with their multiplication tables. Today we took the kids on a field trip to Warren Park a few miles from campus to go ice skating, my favorite wintertime activity! The weather has been unseasonably warm in the Windy City for the past few days, so it was perfect weather today to skate outdoors. Some of the kids had never skated before. They were nervous and shaky at first, but by the end of the afternoon they had gotten the hang of it! It was so great to see what a blast they were having.

Here are some photos of the excursion today (All were taken by me!)—

A few of the kids leaning on me at the beginning of the trip

Getting the hang of it!

Jorge getting right back up after falling!

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

As I hauled all of my luggage back into my dorm room on Monday and greeted my roommate, it felt like I was gone a few days not a whole month!

Thats right, we got a month off of school between the fall and spring semesters. Most of my friends back home only get two or three weeks and are always extremely jealous.

One of the best parts of having such a long break is being able to work and make some extra cash. I was able to work in my Dad’s office. He owns a head hunting business and I did filling and answered the phones when the secretary took some days off.

When I wasn’t working I was either sleeping, reading, hanging with high school friends or sleeping. I slept a lot over break. It was an awesome to catch up with everyone I hadn’t seen in so long and reminisce about great memories. We made cookies, watched movies, played outside in the snow and ate a lot of good food.

Another awesome part of having a longer break than my friends is that I was able to go visit them at their colleges when they went back. I visited Western Michigan, Michigan State and the University of Michigan all before coming back to school. It was so cool to see how different each school was!

My favorite school I visited (which is still nothing on Loyola) was the University of Michigan. My boyfriend goes to school there so he was able to give me the tour of campus and show me how beautiful it is! It was a lot colder there though than I was used to and we had to make a pit stop to get some hot chocolate.

Overall I had a great break but am glad to be back at Loyola. Classes started Tuesday and I can already tell it is going to be a great semester!

My high school friends and I after catching up over a sushi dinner.