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Chicago and Unpredictable, Crazy Weather

Chicago and Unpredictable, Crazy Weather


If you are a native Chicagoan, this post heading should not be any surprise to you. Chicago weather, not matter what the news say (even if it’s Tom Skilling), the weather will not be exactly what you expect it to be. The winter season, especially, has been very funky lately. We haven’t had a white Christmas in years and snow does not fall much until late January and much of February.  Luckily, we haven’t had much considerable snowfall yet, or at least not like the northeast states just recently.

The mornings can be super cold and freezing, yet in the afternoon and evening, it can be so warm that you’ll find joggers outside in shorts (and no, I’m not being dramatic).

Especially with Lake Michigan located right next to the Loyola Lakeshore Campus, students experience a lot. From lake effect snow to lake effect winds, or even both, things can get crazy- the lake waves are a visual sign.

One moment in particular, as I remember it, it rained in the morning, hailed in the afternoon, and toward the evening, it rained. Another day, it was so windy that some students fell over the sidewalk and rolled onto the grass ( I may be slightly dramatic here…). Nevertheless, it was funny to see what Chicago weather can do.

One more thing. ‘Snow days’ are rare at LUC. So let’s all assume that we all have sled dogs and snowplow machines as we make commute in the “last-judgement/end of the world” snow blizzard (if it happens).

On a lighter note, LUC students are more/less prepared for any weather. We are strong! The city and Loyola University are prepared for any crazy weather and will make sure sidewalks are shoveled and free of slippery ice. Not much longer, spring will come and then we’ll relax back outside on the quad playing Frisbee and reading books.

Stay Warm!

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

I have to be honest with you. Sometimes, Chicago weather can make me grumpy. It can be windy, cold, a little bit dreary and often results in me being blown into light poles and unsuspecting pedestrians. And I think that’s what most people think of when they think about the Windy City (the cold and wind, not blowing into innocent people). But, people who just file Chicago weather under freezing and miserable are forgetting one important season: Chicago Fall.

The time between the sweltering summers and frozen winters includes the best weather I have ever experienced in my life. Fall is beautiful.

It’s usually warm, but with enough breeze that it’s comfortable to wear a nice combination of clothes – t-shirts and pants, dresses with tights or my favorite, shorts with sweaters. In general, it’s just nice not to be a melting puddle of sweat or a freezing iceicle.

Last week, it seemed like Chicago finally began it’s fall transition, giving up the sweltering days of 90 degrees in favor for 70 degree weather with intermittent breezes. Seeing everyone hanging out along the lake and sprawled out on the quad reminded me of just how gorgeous the Lake Shore Campus at Loyola can be.

Lake view numero uno

It’s easy to get distracted by all of the work, committments and other things I have going on, forgetting just how completely beautiful my campus can be.

Luckily, because my workload hasn’t been too heavy so far this semester, I’ve had a chance to remember and enjoy the gorgeous weather. I’m glad that I’m not too busy…I don’t think I would have been able to study from my 7.3 pound pharmacology book if I wanted to. The idea of making millions of notecards along the lakefront seems a little out of place in my mind.

That’s not to say that people haven’t been doing their homework outside – reading and laying around the grass and lake paths seem to be the activities of choice for students during the past week or so. I just have a habit of getting too distracted by the mesmerizing waves or breeze.

Lake view numero dos

But for me, I think that’s okay. While part of college consists of the academic experience, I think another big part of it consists of those lazy days where you can just lay out under the sun and listen to the waves before heading to your next class.

Shorts In The Winter

Shorts In The Winter

I already mentioned the wacky weather of Chicago in a recent post, but sometimes it’s not so much the conditions but rather the reaction to the temps that is a bit outrageous.

For instance, Tuesday was a gorgeous spring-like day.  The sun was shining and it was surprisingly not very cold at all.  Most Loyola students abandoned their heavy winter coats for a hoodie and some even walked to class in shorts!

I said it wasn’t very cold, but that doesn’t mean it was very warm, either.  The high was around 50 degrees.

The point is, Chicagoans seem to always be biting at the chance to shed the heavy coats and sweaters.  Even though the following days were not as warm, I saw people out and about wearing shorts and spring dresses.  I even saw a convertible with the top down!

I, too, am ready for some spring, but I don’t think it’s time to bust out the shorts and tank tops just yet.  I think we all need to keep in mind last year’s blizzard, which happened in February!

New Year, Clean Slate, Chilly Conditions

New Year, Clean Slate, Chilly Conditions

Today is my third day of classes back on campus for the spring semester. It definitely doesn’t feel like spring at all! I am thankful for the sun today, but the wind pulls the temperature down to subzero temperatures.

Other that the less than pleasant weather, I am happy to be able to start the new semester with a clean slate. My new year’s resolutions mostly revolve around being more proactive in getting assignments done earlier (I am usually quite the procrastinator), so we’ll see how that goes!

I am most looking forward to diving into my Photography I class for my Studio Art/Photography minor, taught by Professor James Jensen. He seems to be very enthusiastic and really know what he’s talking about— I learned more in the first two classes about the history and technology behind photography than I did in two years of photo classes in high school! I am really looking forward to getting some assignments and actually being able to go out and shoot a few rolls.

This is the film camera I’ll be using for my Photo class assignments. I’m so excited!