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High School vs. College

High School vs. College


Going to college is one of the most life changing and influential experiences one can ever have. Here, students will finally begin to dig deeper into their desired major and career path, learn more about who they are as a person, and develop into a mature person. Everything may be different compared to life in high school-less “dramas”, less or no mistreatment from other students, and more. Specifically at Loyola, I can assure you that the students, faculty, and staff here are more open-minded and considerate. Like Loyola has said, it has always intended to help the well-being of each student. Personally, I think that this statement is true only if you make your own effort to go forth and use its resources; it won’t come to you spontaneously.

Especially if you attended a small, private Catholic high school, the transition into college may be more drastic and/or radical.
Here is my list of differences between college and high school based on solely on my experiences and understanding:

-in college, you are surrounded by students who, for the most part, are mature and care as much as you do about academics
-in college, technology is up-to-date considerably
-in high school, you may have instructors who do not specialize or have a PhD in the subject they teach
-in college, there are a variety of useful resources that can help you become more involved, stay healthy, and have fun
-in high school, quizzes and exams are not as frequent as they are in college
-in college, students have independence to do what they want to do and go wherever
-In high school, there may be more opportunities to seek out help from the instructor
-in college, you develop better, effective ways to succeed in class (like study habits, teaching yourself a concept, etc)
-in college, there is a bigger possibility you might meet your friends for life