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Loyola 360 Virtual Tour – Do it!

Loyola 360 Virtual Tour – Do it!


You may or may not have noticed, but right above the link to click on these blogs on the Undergraduate Admissions Page is a link to Loyola’s Virtual Tour.  I can’t speak enough of how awesome this is!

I’m not a Chicago local – in fact, the drive from where I live in Minnesota is between eight and nine hours. I actually only toured Loyola once before I decided to come here, and it was a saving grace that the Honors Program Orientation was after we moved in so I wouldn’t have to drive down during the summer after my senior year. I actually have a lot of friends who didn’t tour Loyola before choosing it – none of us regret coming here though, thankfully.

When I started my college search process, there was only one school that I was interested in that had a virtual tour like Loyola has. It was confusing, hard to navigate, and took forever to load, no matter the internet connection I had. It also skipped a lot of walking paths so you couldn’t quite orient yourself every time you wanted to ‘go’ somewhere new. Now, this isn’t to say Loyola’s is the best virtual tour out there, but for the ones I’ve seen (which is few and far between) it does pretty well!


My favorite thing about it is that it operates a lot like Google Maps, which is straightforward and simple – just click the directions you want to go! It’s also got a map in the upper corner so no matter what you can orient yourself, and see where you’ve been! There’s also three 360 degree photos that let you twist and turn your virtual view. And although it doesn’t cover all of campus, it’s pretty good at getting the main student hubs!

So why should you play around with this nifty tool if it’s only limited? Well, if you live far away like me, or even further, one tour might be all you get a chance to get before you come here. The virtual tour is guided if you’d like, and captures a lot of important and cool buildings we have on campus, as well as making routes clear. I’ll be honest with you, before classes started I spent a lot of time on this to plan my path from one building to another.

Also the pictures are really beautiful! It might seem like there aren’t a lot of students in some shots, but I’m guessing that these pictures were taken during a time when a lot of students were in class – having classes from 11-1 seems like a good idea in the winter when you won’t have to leave a lot, but when it comes to nice weather we all regret not being able to enjoy the most out of the sun!

There’s no good reason to not take a walk around campus from your computer or phone. Explore! See! Familiarize! Learn lots of fun facts about Loyola that you can dazzle your real-life tour guide with when you come to visit!


(this is you, but online!)

Hopefully, I’ll see you around real campus!

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Enjoy your Campus Visit