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Southside Market

Southside Market

May 8th is quickly approaching and so are the final papers, presentations, research labs, and exams.  As I was walking through Damen, I decided to stop at the smoothie stop.  I figured why not?  I am going to graduate soon, and I have not had the luxury to look at all the new buildings.  I tried a sample of the smoothie, and it was delicious!

Then, I decided to visit my first dormitory as a freshman: Simpson.  It brought back so many memories!  It was bittersweet, as I saw all the new freshman walking into the dining hall.  That used to be me.  Time flies so fast that it is absolutely nerve-wrecking.  However, I saw something that made me utterly upset!

The Southside market was gone.  New offices have taken the place of the small, but efficient market.  It was sad to realize that Loyola is everything that it used to be, but with newer buildings and people.  Therefore, it is but it isn’t the same.  Does that make sense?

It made me upset that new students will never know what the Rambler Room or the Southside market was.  However, I understand that they are going to have many new memories with the new market on Sheridan Rd., Potbelly, and Damen.  However, this is metaphorically what happens when you grow up right: everything around you seems to change.

RIP Southside: you were very convenient during finals week. ;(


My Mini AutoBio

My Mini AutoBio

Hola readers!! My name is Yuliya Chernyavskaya, but let’s just leave things at my first name. I’m a junior at Loyola University Chicago, if you didn’t already assume that much, and I’m a double major in Marketing and Sociology.

I was raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago, namely the village of Northbrook, since I was seven. I’ve lost track of exactly where I was before that, though I know I lived in Rogers Park at some point. Although I may have lived in Chicago most of my life, I wasn’t born here. Actually, I wasn’t born in Illinois, of the USA for that matter. I was born in Chisinau, Moldova, which can be found on most maps (I hope).

I spent my first semester at Loyola on campus in Simpson Hall, but I became an off campus student after that. In the free time that I create for myself, I love to write, take walks and ask people questions about their lives. I have an intense curiousity about anything and everything, so I’m constantly researching online, asking people their stories and scoping out new things to learn.

When I’m not trying to busy myself with self-created projects, I can be found studying in random places, working at my awesome on-campus job, or relaxing with friends and family. I love to dance, sleep, explore, laugh, and many other verbs, but most importantly, I love to do all of this in the one, the only- CHICAGO!!



I have four boys visiting for the weekend and a kitchen full of carrots and Special K. What do I do when they get hungry?!?

Thanks to Loyola’s upperclassmen residence halls I am able to bake them cookies! My room in Holy Cross Hall has a kitchen that is equipped with a refrigerator/freezer, stove, oven and sink. So all I had to do was grab a tub of cookie dough from the South Side Market in Simpson after dinner with my declining balance and crank up the oven.

The boys will be so happy! That is, if I don’t eat them all before they get here 😉

Me getting the cookies out of the oven!