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Personal Reflection of My Time at LUC

Personal Reflection of My Time at LUC


It has been a while since I last reflected on my overall experience of my time at Loyola. There’s a lot to say about how I have changed as a student and person- I have been more mature, more experienced, and more knowledgeable in all realms.

It is funny how I always think of myself as a freshman. People always think I look younger than I really am and I still take core classes that some freshman take now. As a person working in Undergrad Admissions and partaking in a lot of their events, I surround myself around a lot of prospective students and their younger siblings as well.  But really, guys, I am a junior! Even I am beyond belief how time flies and I have less than 3.5 more semesters before graduating.

Loyola has taught me many lessons and have opened many doors for me.

Right from the first year, I learned how to commute and take public transportation for the first time. Even though I was born and raised in Chicago, I did not have to rely on the CTA to get around, so having the UPass allowed me to do some exploration and adventure around like a tourist.

Commuter Proud Keychain - UPDATED

After 2 years, I have finally believed in the power of coffee. Funny as it is, I was not a coffee fan, but as commuting extracted the energy out of me, I was easily exhausted and sometimes sleepy during class. Coffee is the solution to my problems. Not Redbull. Not 5-Hour Energy drinks. Not even Monster. Traditional coffee works the best. I am alert and can focus in class thus I can do better on quizzes and exams and get better grades. Still, coffee isn’t a favorite of mine; I just drink it because it helps me when I need it.


I always knew, but through class assignments throughout the semesters, writing in general has been an enjoyable and easy thing more me to do. As I have mentioned in past blog posts, I am a very introvert person and to compensate for not being so social, I express myself and open up through writing. This blogging position has helped me a lot, as well. I become more aware of my grammar and practice speaking my mind out more frequently than the average person would do.

Because of Loyola, I have built many strong friendships and relationships with friends and faculty and staff. I have found people who have supported me since my freshman year and ever since, they have been my “homebase” in the LUC social setting. There are teachers who have gotten to know me better on a more personal level and have helped motivate me and support me through the challenges I have faced.


LUC has piano rooms and because of those, I have regained my talent of piano playing. If I have free time, I will go to one of the piano rooms and start jamming to favorite tunes that pop up in my head. I now currently have expanded my music interest and am currently taking Applied Cello lessons at Loyola!

To say in the least, Loyola has done a lot for me. Surprisingly, there’s not much from academics that have stood out to me, but it is more personal things that Loyola has indirectly played a part in that has impacted me greatly. For everyone, this can be different; IT SHOULD BE DIFFERENT! 🙂

People generally say that college is about finding identity. I vouch for that, now! It is spontaneous, so do not force things to happen; things will come through time as you build up experiences. Don’t try so hard!

Again, I am a junior, so I still have another 3.5 semesters to go, and who knows what will happen then. But for now, let’s end on a good note that LUC has done great things for me and that things are generally going well! 😀

Simple and Sweet Reflection of College

Simple and Sweet Reflection of College


It is remarkable to look back and reflect on my college journey. I am almost halfway done with my undergraduate studies and there are only two more years until that long, anticipated moment where I walk onstage in graduation attire to receive my B.S. diploma.

Freshman and sophomore year, to be honest, was hectic. I am the first in my immediate family to go to college, so there was not a lot of support and no one to help me along the way. In addition, the transition from my high school to college was a bit rocky. I was not prepared for the workload, expectations, and night classes. Even as a sophomore, I am still learning many things about college life, college academics, and how to be accustomed to long days and long nights.

In these last two years, I have found my identity better. I did not even expect that to happen; it was spontaneous. Through people, experiences, and personal things, I have surrounded myself around things that I enjoy a lot. By being a part of clubs and groups, I am able to find people who share similar characteristics and interests.

Even though my college life is a bit hectic and crazy, I am being productive and doing things that matter to me. I am happy with the outcomes- I am able to serve the community, I am able to make a difference in people’s lives, I enjoy what I do, and my energy & hard work are not wasted.

I cannot imagine what junior and senior year will bring. I assume it will be an interesting journey filled with so many memories and experiences. Who knows…

College opens a whole new chapter for you. I can assure you that you will be a changed person for the better once you attend college and make an effort to do new things, join clubs, and socialize with others.

As The Semester Comes To An End…

As The Semester Comes To An End…

I truly cannot believe that my sophomore year is virtually over!

I cannot wait for finals to come and go, but I anticipate continuing to find my calling and my way with the time I have left at Loyola University Chicago. I now will be advised through the School of Communication, so I can have the guidance and perspective of those that are active in the field in regards to questions and concerns I have about anything.

This year was very stressful, but very rewarding. While pushing myself to improve my grades and enroll in challenging courses, I was able to balance academics with activities that I am passionate about. I am excited to continue the work I have done to build community on this campus, and I am also excited to explore what more I can do!