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GRE Greatness

GRE Greatness

I am NOT trying to scare you.  I know that many people detest talking about “the future plans.”  Are you applying to medical school?  Did you take the GRE?  What about the subject GRE?  What grad school are you going to?  So, what are you doing after graduation?  Did you ask for your recommendation letters?  Did you take the MCAT?  The DAT?

I know, I know.  I hate it, too.  We all had our future planned out, and then we got to college.  It changed and that’s OK.  With that being said, I do want to help out those who PLAN on taking the GRE (even if you don’t know why you’re taking it).   I would give tips on the MCAT, but as of 2015 they are changing the format of the MCAT, so my tips would not pertain to anyone anymore…womp, womp.

The GRE is more laid back than the MCAT, however.  It’s almost like an ACT/SAT on steroids.  Here ya go:

  1. REVIEW THE EASY STUFF.  Yes, easy stuff like algebra and geometry from high school.

  2. VOCABULARY.  Do you remember all of those AP English vocabulary flashcards?  Review that, too.  The GRE likes to throw in big, adult words; you’ll thank me later!

  3. PRACTICE.  I’m just stating the obvious!  Everyone knows this one, but it’s an important one.

  4. WORK ON YOUR WEAKNESS.  You know what it is, so work 10x harder.  Own it.

  5. STAY COOL.  If you need to take it again, then do it.  However, make it worth while.

You’ll be glad when it’s all over.  Just remember:  “If it was easy, then everyone would do it.”


Lovin’ the Rambler Network

Lovin’ the Rambler Network

A lot of people ask me why I went to Loyola, a private college in Chicago rather than a state college back home in Minnesota. Some argue that I would get the same degree and same education without having to pay so much.

What I tell them is that I’m not paying for the degree (which, by the way, I would argue isn’t at all the same education I would get at different college) but, rather, I’m paying for the connections. People at Loyola are well connected, and I had the feeling that if I went to school here, they would hold my hand and help ensure that I found employment after graduation.

This Tuesday my Digital Media Campaigns class was visited by Alecia Dantico, @danticoa, who is the Vice President for Edelman Digital, the digital facet of the largest private public relations firm in Chicago. She spent more than an hour talking to my Digital Media Class and ended by giving her card and telling us that we should contact her whenever we want or whenever we need advice.

Then the next day as I’m visiting my capstone professor for next semester, Herb Ritchell, he gives me the contact information for a Loyola Alum who also works for Edelman Digital. So I emailed her and set up a time to meet over coffee. As of writing I’m waiting in the Starbucks at the Aon Center to talk to her about post-graduate opportunities.

So the Rambler Network runs deeper than I thought; and if anything, it is what’ll put me in a better position to land a job after college.