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First Day of the Second Semester

First Day of the Second Semester

Today, things were quite casual for me despite the new classes and teachers. I was pleased to now be in classes with my friends (which made going to class and understanding the material easier). We all had back-to-back classes, so it was fun to walk with them to each building and discuss what we liked and disliked about the teacher and class. Everything felt so right; the transition to second semester was very smooth. In addition, I have the great honor to have four professors from my first semester classes, continue to teach me this semester. Because I know their teaching styles, I have an idea on how to learn material that best fits the way they teach.

However, I still have the rest of the week to finish off with and still have many new courses to take with new teachers. I am really interested in Biology Lab where we now get the opportunity to do dissections and I am most looking forward to taking my UNIV 102 class called Bones, Bodies, and Diseases. The one class I am worried about would be philosophy class because it is heavily discussion-based (I am quite shy and tend to stay quiet). With that being said, I hope this class will break my shell and set me free from being an introvert (on the optimistic side)!

Senior Classes Rock!

Senior Classes Rock!

I’m not going to lie: I am loving my schedule.

The first couple of years were great too- don’t get me wrong. I got a broad experience of classes and classmates. But now that I’m a Senior, I get to get deep into topics that normally would only be glossed over.

For instance, my Philosophy seminar is going to be awesome. It’s about how we constitute our identities, and the ethics involved in socially constructed and socially damaged identities. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Our first class already had some really high level discussion. Plus, the teacher rocks. Dr. David Ozar came highly recommended, and I can already see why. He is intensely knowledgable, very experienced and has a wonderful sense of humor. He instantly established a great rapport with the class.

Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of bad Philosophy professors at Loyola. The program is great.

On the other hand, my Ad/PR capstone is going to be just as engaging. I am getting to spend the entire semester researching and digging deep into the exciting world of Gamification. Gamification is a really fascinating field, and I’m going to be getting in direct contact with 8-12 professional gamification practitioners throughout the semester. The networking alone is going to be awesome, but I will also get to watch as this trend continues to grow and try to find a way to fit into it myself.

The best part about both these classes is that the students themselves are just as crucial as the instructors. I get to learn about all the other interesting things being researched by my other Capstone classmates, and see if we are looking at complimentary topics or see if there’s something new that I want to learn more about. Similarly, the Philosophy class is full of some of the brightest minds that I’ve encountered at Loyola (I’ve had class with a few of these people before) and I just know that the discussions are going to be very revealing. In fact, they already have been.

This is the kind of upper-level knowledge that I’m going to miss out on later, so I better enjoy it now!

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Evan Fazio. I came to Loyola in 2008 after graduating from public high school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I knew I wanted to continue living in the city, but New York and LA were too large and soulless.

Chicago seemed to be a place that had the urbanity I was looking for with a touch of some Midwest hospitality. After that, it was a matter of picking a Chicago school with the right size, atmosphere and programs. I came to Loyola in the Fall of 2008 and I haven’t regretted a moment of it.

I’m set to graduate with a degree in Philosophy and another in Advertising and Public Relations. I’ve seen Loyola grow a lot during my time here and have gotten a pretty good idea of the way things work on campus too. I have a management  job that has enabled me to work with many different departments and learn how the university operates and I am a double major in two of our schools.

During my time here I have met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun times. Some people I met freshman year have become some of my best friends, and some of my best friends here I didn’t meet until later. As a freshman I was in a rock band full of seniors, and as they graduated I continued to play in another band called Mapmaker with people from my class.

I’m interested in reading, music (guitar especially, but in terms of genres I range from underground Minneapolis hip-hop to Bach, Louis & Ella to Ray Lamontagne,) technology, Super Smash Brothers (I’m a champ; trust me,) Starcraft 2, deep conversations, meaningful experiences and humor. I’m diligently organized and I’m a master of bad puns. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures, misadventures, reflections, conceptions and digressions about Loyola in my last year.