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Housing Opportunities After Freshman Year

Housing Opportunities After Freshman Year

It’s been a crazy week! I’ve had homework, quizzes and of course the housing application for the fall semester of my Junior year has opened up! It’s a foreshadowing of new beginnings. Everyone has been talking about where they are going to live on campus,  the possibility of living off campus or welcoming new room mates into their lives.

As most universities require, students must live on campus for two years unless they commute from home or have been exempted by request from the Department Residence Life. After living in Freshman dorms, you might think, “What are my options for next year?” You have many options.

Loyola offers 15 upperclassmen residence halls to choose from. You even have the choice of living downtown at our Watertower campus in Baumhart hall. In mid-February of spring semester, LUC Res-Life holds room tours where you can visit each residence hall facility. I recommend taking these tours because each building has its own unique qualities or qualms. Upperclassmen living options range from studio doubles to apartment style quads and everything in between.

After these tours, make a list of which halls you liked the best with your future room mate(s). After that, it’s time to fill out the housing contract! Make sure your information matches up with your room mate’s information. Once you have completed your application through LOCUS, you will receive a lottery number a week later with the time you will be choosing your room. Since you may get a high lottery number, make sure you pick back up for your top choice of housing. Whomever gets the better lottery number, will be the one inputting everything in on the computer so make sure you know your room mate’s information. Res Life will also hold many meetings that you can attend for more information.

Although Freshman year housing is a great way to build community, upper class-men housing wont disappoint you! Here is a great link that will tell you all about your future dorm. It’s a long path before you get there, but I know some of you love to plan ahead like I do.



Greeting from Fairfield Hall!

Southside Market

Southside Market

May 8th is quickly approaching and so are the final papers, presentations, research labs, and exams.  As I was walking through Damen, I decided to stop at the smoothie stop.  I figured why not?  I am going to graduate soon, and I have not had the luxury to look at all the new buildings.  I tried a sample of the smoothie, and it was delicious!

Then, I decided to visit my first dormitory as a freshman: Simpson.  It brought back so many memories!  It was bittersweet, as I saw all the new freshman walking into the dining hall.  That used to be me.  Time flies so fast that it is absolutely nerve-wrecking.  However, I saw something that made me utterly upset!

The Southside market was gone.  New offices have taken the place of the small, but efficient market.  It was sad to realize that Loyola is everything that it used to be, but with newer buildings and people.  Therefore, it is but it isn’t the same.  Does that make sense?

It made me upset that new students will never know what the Rambler Room or the Southside market was.  However, I understand that they are going to have many new memories with the new market on Sheridan Rd., Potbelly, and Damen.  However, this is metaphorically what happens when you grow up right: everything around you seems to change.

RIP Southside: you were very convenient during finals week. ;(