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Spring Break

Spring Break

We may still have Winter weather but last week was our Spring Break. Unfortunately, I did not get away from the cold as many of my college peers did. It was okay though because I went back home to Michigan and got to see my family and my dog.

I had a very relaxed break and was able to catch up on my homework. That may sound like a terrible break, but I assure you, I loved it. Having a whole week to sleep in and gradually work on assignments and even get ahead in school is heaven! All of my friends who went somewhere fun like Florida are miserable this week trying to complete all of the work that I have done.

Also, just because it was cold does not mean that I didn’t appreciate the weather! I even got to go cross country skiing with my mom one day on our frozen lake.

So there is a silver lining to staying home all break; or, at least that’s what I tell myself 😉

Fall In Northern Michigan

Fall In Northern Michigan

I love living in the city. I would not trade living in the city for anything. I can not get enough of city life! Get the picture? I LOVE living in Chicago.

Once in a while, however, when school is stressful and life gets crazy, getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life can be very therapeutic. So, that is exactly what I did with my fall break!

I took the train home to Kalamazoo on Friday. Then, on Saturday, I headed up north to Glen Arbor Michigan for some beautiful scenery and to watch my friend Haley run her first half marathon! It was quite chilly but so beautiful. We took a hike through the woods and played a lot of card games. Sunday morning we woke up and watched Haley run all 13.1 miles before heading back to Kalamazoo.

I got home from being up north around 4:00p.m. on Sunday and realized that I still had two days off of school! I spent my time sleeping, catching up on homework and bonding with my family. I have learned to appreciate my family much more since coming to college 🙂

I also applied for an absentee ballot so that I can vote in the coming election! It was an amazing, much needed, break and I am refreshed and ready to tackle the next few weeks of the semester.

View out of the window of the car while driving through Michigan.
Haley and I on our hike up north through the beautiful trees.
After Haley's half marathon!
The windy and cold Lake Michigan.
Home For The Weekend

Home For The Weekend

This past weekend I was able to take a trip home for a few relaxing days. I am not going home for spring break so this was a great opportunity to see my family and catch up with old friends. After only a 2.5 hour Amtrak train ride I was home!

We got a couple inches of fresh snow on Friday and Saturday and with the help of a sunny Sunday it was perfect snowman building conditions. Check out our incredibly tall snowman we built!

Our tall snowman!

Unfortunately, it only took about 30 minutes for the strong wind to knock him over 🙁 I guess I will need to give him more support next time!

A Bit About Me

A Bit About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Cat O’Brien. Generally, when I introduce myself to people, one of two things happens. First, if I am talking to a kid (or young adult if you take the title “kid” offensively) they accept my name and make a small joke about being an animal. If I am talking to an adult though, they almost always say, “Oh, is that short for something?” Somehow adults have a hard time accepting that someone would actually be named Cat. Well, much to my dismay it is not my real name. Catherine Ruth O’Brien is the name my parents gave me when I was born but I have not gone by Catherine in years.

Where I live in Michigan!

I am a sophomore here at Loyola University of Chicago and I love it! I grew up in the small town of Richland Michigan and after high school I was ready for something more exciting than the corn fields and cows that Richland offered. Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate where I grew up (probably more since moving away) but I would not trade the experience of living in Chicago for anything.

After a little internal debate freshman year I have decided to major in Secondary Education and English with a minor in ESL studies. All that means is that I want to teach high school English and be able to help out students who have English as their second language. I have taken mostly core thus far in my college career but the few Education classes that I have taken have made me very excited for my future as a teacher.

This semester I am taking my first ESL class, two English classes, and three core classes. That amounts to eighteen credits and some stressful nights trying to get all the homework and studying done. At the end of the day though the hard work usually pays off with a decent grade.