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Loyola Wins The 2016 Climate Leadership Award

Loyola Wins The 2016 Climate Leadership Award



Loyola University Chicago is humbled to have been selected as the winners of the 2016 Climate Leadership Awards by The Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) and ecoAmerica’s higher education program (Solution Generation). This is due to Loyola’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and protecting the vulnerable, which predisposes them to address issues of global and generational inequality and how climate change will exacerbate social justice issues globally and locally. As a Catholic, Jesuit University, Loyola is guided by the responsibility to care for our world and for those who are suffering the most.

As a research institution, students and faculty of Loyola identify the impacts of climate change in their fields of study and believe “It is much more efficient to prevent problems than respond to catastrophes.”

“We are proud to provide our students with opportunities to work across our local and global campuses with the goal of making the world a more just, humane, and sustainable place.” Stated by President Rooney of Loyola

Loyola University has been putting effort for nearly 20 years but in 2012 was the launch of their Office of Sustainability and then the opening of our Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES) building in 2013! Loyola’s action plan came about in 2015 which addressed climate change through 3 main strategies: the campus, curriculum, and community engagement.

The campus’ change in infrastructure allows the reduction of carbon emissions by 38% from its 2008 baseline as well as having the most green roofs of any university in the Midwest. Loyola’s IES has hosted three annual Climate Change Conferences which addressed the economics of climate. Loyola also offers 9 different degrees that incorporate sustainability and the undergrad core curriculum has been updated to promote foundational environmental literacy, Loyola Students have also helped develop a Climate Action Plan for the Edgewood neighborhood, as well as organizing a Sustainability Committee which helps nearby communities address pollution, reduce waste products and adapt to a changing climate.

The award received valued at $10,000 in which Loyola plans to use this to build out environmental justice efforts such as the Community Climate Corps. These group of interns will work with the University’s Office of Community Relations and develop carbon reduction and climate resiliency projects such as home weatherization efforts and storm-water management.

Lets give our university a shout out!!

Taking Advantage Of The Weather

Taking Advantage Of The Weather

Taking Class Outside with Dr. Karanja

If there is one thing you can count on, it is that the weather in Chicago can change at the drop of a hat.  It can go from scorching heat to frigid cold in less than a week.  Consequently, the people of the windy city need to take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts.

The students of Loyola are no exception to this rule.  Lucky for us, some of the professors are just as eager to soak in the last bit of sunshine.  Ayana Karanja, my professor for SOCL 252: Global Inequalities, took our class outside last week for lecture.

Despite a few confused stares from onlookers, and the ever-present sound of Loyola construction, I would say that taking the class outside was a huge success.  A change of scenery breathed a new energy into our class discussion on social issues, and being seated in a circle on the grass made it easy for everyone to contribute.

I consider myself lucky to be enrolled in classes such as Global Inequalities, where it is easy for professors like Dr. Karanja to mix things up every once in a while.  I think the most effective professors are those that make the learning environment as comfortable as possible.  That combined with Loyola’s relatively small class sizes has made my learning experience in college especially valuable.

So as I look forward in the semester, knowing that another Chicago winter will surely come with a vengeance, I am glad to know that a few more weeks of warm breezes and sunshine still remain.