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On the Eve of Initiation

On the Eve of Initiation




As I get ready to become a fully initiated, real life, Chi Omega, I wanted to take the time to reflect on what the past two months have been like for me as a new member. Joining Greek Life at Loyola was not something that I had ever really intended to do. As I talked about in my post “Going Greek” which was all about the recruitment process and picking my chapter,  I was not completely on board with the whole idea of sororities when I first signed up for recruitment. Through the recruitment process though, I found that I was at home with the beautiful women of Chi Omega.

Joining a sorority isn’t just about the recruitment process though. Becoming a member of Chi Omega, or any sorority or fraternity on campus is a life changing process that goes way past the excitement of bid day.

Once you get over adrenaline of bid day, you have to get down to the reality of sorority life, which is a huge commitment. You now have to learn about not only being a sorority woman but also how your chapter works and what commitments you have to uphold as a new member. This of course can seem daunting, you’ve just met one hundred plus new people and can’t tell up from down, and now you have to set aside a huge part of your time for your chapter. Don’t worry though, because everyone that you just met is either going through this process with you or has done it themselves.

Soon you’ll be getting your Big and joining an amazing greek family, these girls will become your home and your rock in the face of anything and everything. Then slowly and without even noticing it you’ll start to find that the women who were strangers a few weeks ago, are now quickly becoming your best friends.

Attending mixers, formals, and any other social events is different as a sorority woman. Not only do your sisters hold you to a higher standard but so does the world. You will learn that you set the example for how people will view your sorority and sororities as a whole. But don’t forget to have fun.

You’ll make mistakes, and it will be okay. You’ll feel lost at times, but your sisters will be there to help you. You’ll be overwhelmed… a lot, but your sister will help you find your balance. And soon it’ll be initiation weekend and you’ll find that you yourself have changed. You have grown as a person and you have found a group of women who you know will be there for you for years and years to come.

There is an amazing group of women waiting to welcome you into their world, no matter which chapter you choose. So as you start to think about joining Greek Life at Loyola, consider this.


Going Greek!

Going Greek!

chi O bidnight

Since beginning my time at Loyola, I’ve been unsure of whether or not sorority life was for me. Where I come from most of my friends go to big state schools and greek life there is wild. The thought of sorority recruitment had always scared me, the horror stories from high school clouded my judgement even as I learned more about Greek life here at Loyola.

Convinced by my friends and an amazing PA to give recruitment a chance, I signed up. I definitely did not go into the weekend with the mindset that this would be worth my while. But I was wrong.

How recruitment at Loyola works is a little different from what you might find at other schools. Starting on Thursday all the PNM’s (perspective new members) were invited to a meeting where if you had signed up and paid your 30$ fee, you would be put into a group with a recruitment guide (Rho Gamma) and get the basics of what was about to happen in the coming weekend. Friday the parties started. Everyone visits each of six sororities for 25 minuets. It’s a long night, but it’s worth it. At the end of round one, or scholarship round,  you pick your top four chapters.

Depending on if they pick you back, you’ll then visit those four chapters again on Saturday. Saturday is Philanthropy round, paying a visit to your top four for 50 min you discuss each chapters philanthropy or Charity work. At the end of Saturday you preference your top two chapters in preparation for Sunday, Preference Round.

The last round of recruitment is meant to help finalize your and your future chapters decision. These parties are 50 min long and  you experience more of each chapter and have more personal conversations with the active members. After this you have to pick your first and second choice and cross your fingers as you wait for bid day later that night!

Bid day was a whirlwind, the excitement was palpable. The room was literally buzzing with excitement as we sat on our bids waiting to find out if we had gotten our first choice. Finally after the recruitment guides revealed which chapter they belonged to we were allowed to open our bids. There was a lot of screaming and jumping and running to get our tee shirts and find who else was going to be a part of your sorority.

If you’re considering greek life at Loyola, I urge you to at least give recruitment a chance. You, like me, may find your home. I found my home in Chi Omega and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. I won’t give away everything that happens on Bid day because the surprises only make it more exciting. Take the chance to find your greek home, it might just be the best decision you’ll ever make!  #GoChiO


For more information on Sororities at Loyola check out Loyola Panhellenic !